ISIS Calling For Barron Trump Assassination Should Not Be A Published Report, Claim Furious Online Comments

New reports today indicate Pro-ISIS Internet channels are calling for the assassination of Barron Trump, the youngest child of Donald an Melania Trump. Not only have they put the call out, but they’ve released personal information about Barron and mapped out where he could be found at school, which was reported today by the Washington Beacon.

According to the reports, it was the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) that discovered ISIS put out a call to action for ISIS supporters to assassinate Barron Trump. This request went out over the “well-known Telegram channel,” reports the Beacon.

While some believe the public has the right to know, other people are furious that this information was released to the public and being published over and over again helping get the word out in a roundabout way. Yahoo News has published the story and the comments coming in from their readers show real concerns about the media sites publishing this story.

One commenter on the Yahoo article shared the same thoughts others were conveying on this story. Ywammer wrote the following.

“What a totally reckless and irresponsible thing for any media outlet to report or repeat. How would your kid react to hearing such an outlandish threat? I’m sure it’s being handled at the appropriate level with care and respect…you should be ashamed. No kid needs to hear or read this or have his friends know it or his father’s critics and media trolls who will exacerbate the matter to other unacceptable levels.”

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Some comments suggested that the media gives these terrorists a really good picture of how to get to them, meaning the family members of the president. Anna Taylor writes in the Yahoo comment section.

“How many times do we have to say it? Stop highlighting the President’s kids past and present….all you guys do is give the creatures a really good picture of how to get to them…”

She continues by writing the following.

“We live in a really nasty world….just look at the headlines today…STOP making it easier to make them targets and Secret Services job 1000x’s harder.”

Another commenter, Jack, shared his concerns about Barron and how this report on ISIS could scare the other children that are schoolmates of Barron. While these reports have to be worrisome for Donald and Melania Trump as parents, many of the commenters have faith in the Secret Service agents assigned to watch over and protect Barron. Some believe he couldn’t be in safer hands.

The first message was sent Tuesday, November 21, by an ISIS supporter via the Telegram using the hashtag “handle the son of the mule of America.” Along with the request, a photo of Barron Trump was included with the information and map of Barron’s school location. Since the initial post, other Telegram channels that are considered pro-ISIS have picked up the information and shared this request.

Reports of ISIS threatening Prince George surfaced a few weeks back. George is the oldest child and only son of Prince William and Kate Middleton. According to the Express, back at the end of October when this information somehow got out to the public, people in the U.K. became furious. Someone commenting on Yahoo brought up this incident across the pond last month and shared their disgust of the ISIS supporters setting their sights on kids.

The information that George was a target came through the same type of grapevine as today’s report on Barron. While the public might have a right to know about what ISIS is planning, people are concerned about the reports on the children of world leaders and heads of state being offered to the public. Keeping these kids out of the news seems to be a priority for many who commented on the reports of ISIS setting their sights on Barron Trump today.

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