‘Dragon Ball Super’ Major Spoilers: Vegeta Masters Ultra Instinct Attack Mode, God-beater Vegito Coming Soon?

Vegeta’s frustration increased after Son Goku achieved Ultra Instinct for the second time in the latest episode of Dragon Ball Super Tournament of Power. Fortunately, the Saiyan Prince finally learned the secret behind the technique popular among Gods of Destruction. Will Vegeta finally achieve Ultra Instinct?

Dragon Ball Super Episode 116 featured the conclusion of the epic battle between Son Goku and Kefla. Despite unleashing an incredible amount of power, Kefla isn’t strong enough to match the God-like power of Son Goku. Vegeta, who was watching on the sideline, was noticeably annoyed after seeing Son Goku getting ahead of him once again.

While observing Son Goku’s body reaction against Kefla, Vegeta remembered their past training with Whis. Instead of thinking their next move, Whis urged the two Saiyans to teach their body parts to react on their own. However, the Universe 7 Angel said that the technique can’t be easily mastered even for a God of Destruction like Beerus.

After Vegeta realized the secret behind Ultra Instinct, he will try to imitate Son Goku’s movements in the upcoming episode of Dragon Ball Super. Unfortunately, Ultra Instinct won’t work well for Vegeta, and he will end up receiving a massive amount of damage from Katopesla.

Most people believe this is just another failed Ultra Instinct attempt for Vegeta. Ultra Instinct isn’t something that can be easily achieved. Son Goku acquired the power after absorbing the Spirit Bomb and while fighting Kefla. However, this could only be the start for the Saiyan Prince.

Since the Tournament of Power started, Dragon Ball Super writer Toshio already revealed Vegeta’s comeback. DBS fans speculated that Vegeta will be having a new transformation and become the star of the Universal Survival Saga. With the recent revelations, it seems like the Saiyan Prince will also achieve Ultra Instinct.

However, Vegeta’s UI is expected to be different than Son Goku. As Whis discussed in the previous episode, Son Goku’s UI was mostly focused on defense, enabling him to dodge every attack of the enemy. However, he’s still not able to use or master UI on offense.

According to a Dragon Ball Super fan theory, Vegeta will master UI’s attack mode. This is quite convincing, knowing how Vegeta differs with Son Goku in terms of fighting. Unlike while defending himself, Vegeta doesn’t usually think when attacking, especially when he’s angry. This is proven by his previous fights with Goku Black and Beerus.

Anger is the major secret behind Vegeta’s hidden power. After receiving a massive damage from Katopesla, the Saiyan Prince will surely get mad and unleash an incredible amount of power. If Vegeta masters UI’s attack mode, merging with Son Goku makes a lot of sense.

The combination of Son Goku’s defense and Vegeta’s offense will be forming the perfect Ultra Instinct on Vegito. Now that Jiren returns to action, Universe 7 needs to find a new way to strengthen their chance of winning the tournament. Ultra Instinct Vegito will undeniably defeat any fighter in the tournament, including the mortal who’s stronger than a God of Destruction.

Dragon Ball Super airs every Sunday morning in Japan. The anime is available in the West through streaming services such as FunimationNow and Crunchyroll.

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