Miranda Lambert, Blake Shelton Feud: There’s No War And No Relationship Drama

It’s been two years since Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton announced their divorce and somehow, these two can’t get away from rumors involving their failed marriage. Both have since moved on with new loves but still, Lambert and Shelton make it to the headlines. The latest report claims that the former couple is having an intense fight.

As put in the story headline from Life & Style magazine, Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton are said to be in a “new war.” It was mentioned how the “White Liar” singer has come up with a diss track targeted at her ex-husband. As shared by an unnamed source, Blake and Miranda still have “unresolved anger” between them and they haven’t really moved on from their issues back then.

The magazine also reported that the new issue started when Shelton and Miranda had different views about Garth Brook’s performance at the recent 2017 Country Music Awards. Brooks decided to lip-sync his performance at the event and Lambert and her boyfriend, Anderson East, were not impressed. The couple even took to social media to address the controversy, with Miranda Lambert writing, “If you can’t sing, then don’t.”

On the other hand, Blake Shelton supported Brooks and even applauded his performance. And since he reportedly hasn’t gotten over his anger towards his ex-wife, this emotion resurfaced when he felt that Lambert was disrespecting Brooks.

Blake Shelton is said to have not moved on from Miranda Lambert yet.
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Gossip Cop then comes to refute these claims stating that there is no truth to the report. According to the publication, there is no credibility to the story and that the source was purely made up to make readers believe that the magazine has the legit scoop. The news outlet also pointed out that there have been many inconsistencies when it comes to stories about Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton, which is why it makes it harder to believe.

There have been reports about how Shelton’s rumored wedding to Gwen Stefani will be put on hold because he reportedly hasn’t moved on from Lambert. Now, this report claims that there’s still bad blood between the exes. It is for this reason that the fact-checking website cannot verify the authenticity of the story. Sources for Gossip Cop, who happen to be close to the ex-couple, confirmed that the so-called new war between Miranda and Blake does not exist and is only made up.

[Featured Image by Rick Diamond/Getty Images]