Jennifer Aniston Relocating To New York Amid Marriage Problems, Justin Theroux Wants Children

Jennifer Aniston is reportedly moving to New York to save her ailing marriage to Justin Theroux, it has been reported.

The couple has had a great time in Los Angeles, but as of late, Justin has felt homesick and wants to get back to his family and friends more than ever.

While Los Angeles has helped him grow his career and meet his wife, Theroux knows that he doesn’t want to spend any more time in California and wants to return to the Big Apple as soon as possible.

Conversations with Jennifer Aniston have resulted in arguments, according to OK! Magazine, which claims that the actress has finally given in to make the big move.

For Jennifer Aniston, it’s a big problem because she loves living in Los Angeles — all of her friends are in California and most of her businesses are handled there, so the move to New York seems rather odd.

But for the sake of saving her marriage, Jennifer Aniston is willing to relocate, hoping that she can be just as active with her career in New York as she has been in Los Angeles.

Having just recently found her Apple drama series has been picked up for a two-season run, sources claim that Jennifer Aniston will have to negotiate in having the show being filmed out in New York.

If she’s going to solely focus her attention on fixing her broken marriage, she will want to make sure that any work-related projects are handled in the Big Apple, so that she won’t have to be traveling back and forth all the time.

And while Jennifer Aniston’s decision to reportedly move to New York seems like a great move from the perspective of a partner that misses being with his family and friends, Justin has reportedly mentioned he wants children, which the actress still isn’t sure about.

While the relocation debacle has more or less been sorted, the next issue comes as Jennifer Aniston and Justin figure out their future plans together as a family.


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Jen has reportedly made it known that she’s still unsure about potentially becoming a mother in the future — she doesn’t seem ready to have a child, or she just may not want to have children at all.

Either way, it seems that relocating to NY is just one of many problems Jennifer Aniston is currently faced with.

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