Kanye West Demands Beyonce Treat Kim Kardashian With Respect Amid Feuding Rumors

Kanye West is furious that Beyonce is still failing to show Kim Kardashian the respect that she deserves from the singer, it has been alleged.

Kanye, who infamously suffered a meltdown last year, in which he mentioned during a concert how annoyed he was by Bey’s refusal to have her kids spent time with North and Saint West, still hasn’t found himself on good terms with the hitmaker.

In fact, it seems that West also has a problem with Jay, who Kanye believes have treated Kim in such a negative way that it has made him detest them in some ways.

Kanye West is tired of the supposed fact that Beyonce and Jay shun Kim from their lives because she’s a reality star because it shouldn’t go unnoticed that Kardashian is one of the richest women in Hollywood through her billion-dollar businesses.

According to Hollywood Life, Kanye West feels that Beyonce and Jay should respect Kim for how hard she has worked to branch herself into becoming one of the wealthiest reality stars in the industry, and to still have longevity is a skill and talent in itself.

Kanye West isn’t oblivious to what’s been going on. Beyonce doesn’t seem to like Kim Kardashian because of her Hollywood reputation, but given the fact that she’s his wife, the “Formation” star should find it in herself to be mutual with the socialite.


Beyonce, Jay Z, and Kanye West were famously known to be the best of friends before Kim started dating the “Stronger” rapper, which completely changed their dynamic and resulted in the Hollywood couple not to speak with Kanye for months on end.

Because of that, Kanye saw no other option but to let out his frustration about it during his Saint Pablo concert last year, where he seemingly dissed Beyonce for shunning her family from his own.

If Bey and Jay were supposed to be good friends to Kanye West, Hollywood Life alleges that the rap superstar would have expected more from them — especially with everything that concerns Kim and how she’s been treated these last couple of years.

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Kanye West and Kim have now been together for five years, so there should come a point where Beyonce and Jay both realize that the couple isn’t planning on breaking up anytime soon; they genuinely love each other.

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