‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: No More Patient 6, Jason And Drew Finally Identified

General Hospital spoilers for the week of November 27 reveal Steve Burton will no longer go by the name Patient 6. Someone will finally receive the name Jason, and the other twin will be called Andrew. Andre (Anthony Montgomery) will regret his actions, and reveal everything he knows about the twins. Head Writer Shelly Altman explained how Andre got involved in the mystery.

Twin Identity Revealed

General Hospital spoilers tease Patient 6 will finally go by a proper name. Franco knows a bit about the twins’ identity after Andre confessed something to him. However, Andre will be the one to reveal everything. Andre’s involvement in Jason and Drew’s storyline seems unusual. Altman revealed another General Hospital writer Dan O’Connor realized the Jake Doe recovered his memories at around the same time and Andre’s appeared. Due to this coincidence, it’s possible for General Hospital writers to explain Andre’s presence in town as a way to monitor Jake Doe. Sam will back up Jason for now, and so will Liz. However, Altman previews this won’t last long.

Before Andre’s revelation, General Hospital spoilers tease Jason will ask for Sam’s reassurance. However, she wouldn’t be able to tell him she believes him. Altman explained Sam has “always been the ride-or-die woman.” She will struggle with the situation she is in, and this could go on for months to come. Given these turn of events, it would be safe to assume Steve Burton will earn the name Jason.

More Secrets to Come

In her interview with Soap Opera Digest, Altman hinted the story involving the twins is far from over. Frank Valentini teased the story will unfold over a period of nine months. Altman previews a bigger story to come after the revelation. A lot of people will experience major changes after the revelation, and this could be the bridge to the next arc in General Hospital.

There’s still the issue involving the mastermind behind Patient 6’s kidnapping. The person responsible for the scheme is still at large. This means Patient 6 and even Jason will face major threats. Andre also needs to confront his past, and his real identity could be revealed soon. The twins might have to work together to make sure their family is safe.

Relationships will also change after the revelation. This will have a profound effect on Sam and the kids. Sam chose to stick by current Jason’s side, but as General Hospital spoilers tease she will have a change of heart.

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