Pick Up A Free Jumpsuit In ‘GTA Online’ This Week, Buy The FH-1 Helicopter And Master 16 New Transform Races

In the online option for Grand Theft Auto V this week, there are a number of new items and activities for players. A new helicopter is available in GTA Online, a few weekly bonuses are now live, and 16 new Transform races are included this week. Additionally, players can unlock a free jumpsuit for their character just by logging in before next week.

The Jock Cranley Jumpsuit can be unlocked right now by players who jump on GTA Online. The new jumpsuit will simply be added to players wardrobe options as long as they log into the game before November 27, as noted on the Rockstar Games website.

Starting this week, players can purchase the FH-1 Hunter helicopter from the Warstock Cache & Carry website in-game. The $4.1 million military helicopter seats two players, including the pilot. Completing the associated mission will knock down the price to just $3.1 million for those looking to save a little cash.

Although more substantial discounts are coming later in the week, players can save on several automotive discounts right now. Brakes, engines, handling upgrades, spoilers, suspensions, transmissions, and turbo options are all 25 percent for a limited time. The Dewbauchee Rapid GT and the Progen Tyrus are also on sale at 25 percent off.

GTA Online new Transform Races, free jumpsuit,a nd more
The FH-1 has room for a pilot and gunner. [Image by Rockstar Games]

A staggering 16 new Transform Races are also live this week in GTA Online. As the Inquisitr reported, Transform Races feature checkpoints where players switch the type of vehicle they are controlling. For instance, a race may begin in car, force players into a boat, and end in a plane. There are 16 new Rockstar-created Transform Races now. Until November 27, all Transform Races in GTA Online are worth double experience and double cash.

The 16 new Transform Races are 90°, Acropolis Now, Crossroads, Dam Control, Dead Drop, Dockades of Fun, Fairway Drive, Looped, Maverick, Odyssey, Pipes Pipes Pipes, Snakes and a Plane, Splash Landing, Switch Up, Trench IV, and Twister.

As usual, a new Premium Race and Time Trial are also available this week until November 27. The “Redneck” Premium Race pits players against each other in Rocket Voltics, while the “End to End” Time Trial has them race the clock for cash and RP GTA Online.

[Featured Image by Rockstar Games]