Cyntoia Brown In 2017: ‘Snopes’ Yet To Tackle Documentary Turned Into A Viral Instagram Hashtag [Video]

Cyntoia Brown is going viral on Instagram in 2017. However, Brown’s problems began many years prior. As seen in the attached documentary about Cyntoia, Brown told a judge that she was born on January 29, 1988. Brown was 16 years of age in 2004, when the documentary footage opens. Therefore, Brown is now nearly 30 years of age. However, Brown’s documentary, titled Me Facing Life: Cyntoia’s Story, is now going viral.

As reported by Essence, Cyntoia looks all of her mere 16 years of age in the documentary, wherein Brown appears in court with two ponytails on either side of her head, drawn into tight braids. Brown went to prison for shooting and killing 43-year-old Johnny Mitchell Allen, a man who reportedly agreed to pay $150 for sex with the teen.

The PBS documentary has drawn plenty of attention after the 2004 incident, now that Cyntoia’s name has gone viral on Instagram and other social media outlets. The outrage over Brown’s case has erupted many years after the death of the Nashville real estate agent, who allegedly paid Cyntoia for death. Cyntoia said she shot the man because she feared he was about to hurt her after allegedly grabbing her genital region and giving her a “fierce” look.

Brown describes a heartbreaking life in the documentary, with testimonies about being raped by a number of men and having her life threatened, as well as the life of her mother. Sentenced to life in the Tennessee Prison for Women for Allen’s murder, Cyntoia now has an entire part of the world wide web supporting her and sharing her story online. Brown has an opportunity for parole when she reaches 67 years of age.

However, it is Cyntoia’s horrible past of many abuses that has folks reeling that such a horrific past could garner the girl a life sentence. Georgina Mitchell, Cyntoia’s biological mother, also appears in the documentary. The victim of sex trafficking hails from a family with a long and extensive history of suicide.

The documentary was created by Dan Birman — a man who explained how the abuse that Cyntoia suffered made her paranoid, always on edge and caused her to expect the worse from people, according to Fox 17 News.

“This is a young girl who’s at the tail end of three generations of violence against women. She had no chance.”

According to Google’s suggestions, searches for “Cyntoia Brown Snopes” are coming into the search engine. However, as of this writing, a search for Cyntoia’s name does not produce a published article on the publication’s website.

Even Kim Kardashian tweeted about Cyntoia.

[Featured Image by Cyntoia Brown/Twitter]