Green Bay Packers RB Aaron Jones Caught Driving After Allegedly Smoking Marijuana, Faces Multiple Charges

Green Bay Packers running back Aaron Jones is in trouble with the law and possibly with the NFL. Arrested at the beginning of October, the 22-year-old rookie is facing several charges, including one related to marijuana smoking, after police stopped him while driving along Highway 172 in Wisconsin.

According to an ESPN report, the Brown County district attorney has charged Aaron Jones with speeding, operating a vehicle without a valid license, and using a controlled substance while driving. He entered a not guilty plea in court last week.

While driving in Ashwaubenon around 11:40 a.m. on October 1, Jones was stopped by a state trooper. According to the officer’s statement, the football player was going 79 MPH in a 55-MPH zone. Smelling marijuana in the car, the trooper noted that Jones had red and bloodshot eyes.

During questioning, Jones admitted to smoking weed earlier in the morning. When another officer arrived, Jones was asked to participate in a sobriety assessment. Three tests were conducted on the side of the road, which Jones was able to pass two out of three. No drugs or related paraphernalia were found in the vehicle.

Jones was then given a blood test at St. Vincent Hospital in Green Bay. Officers later released Jones when Packers cornerback Donatello Brown arrived and signed paperwork agreeing to take responsibility for him. Jones also posted a $1,363.70 bond.

“I spoke to Aaron after the incident,” said Packers coach Mike McCarthy, as cited in the ESPN report. “It’s been a while since, I don’t recall the date. He made a mistake, and I know it’s a pending legal situation. But yes, I am aware of it.”

Until there is a verdict in Jones’ case, the NFL will hold tight on any punishment. It is likely he’ll finish the current season without any disciplinary actions from the NFL. However, a conviction may put Jones in violation of the league’s substance-abuse policy.

A report from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reveals Jones had a previous scrape with the law. In February of 2016, Jones was detained when police suspected he was driving under the influence of alcohol. In the early morning hours, Jones was driving in El Paso, Texas, and an officer observed his car driving erratically. Two breathalyzer tests recorded alcohol levels of 0.15 and 0.139; both results are well over the state’s 0.08 legal limit.

At the time, Jones was playing football at the University of Texas at El Paso. While he did not miss any games, the future Green Bay Packer was “punished harshly” by UTEP coach Sean Kugler.

Jones will have to go back to court on February 1 for another pretrial hearing. In the meantime, the running back is suffering from a knee injury and will be off the field for the next few Green Bay games.

[Featured Image by Dylan Buell/Getty Images]