'Future Man' Season 2: Eliza Coupe, Josh Hutcherson's Tiger Romance In Seth Rogen's Hulu Series?

Waiting for the Future Man 2 Hulu TV series to be renewed kind of makes fans wish the show came bundled with a TTD option for watching future seasons. Fortunately, the Future Man cast and writers are already starting to give hints about what to expect from Hulu's Future Man Season 2.

The Hulu Original TV series is being produced by Superbad and Pineapple Express screenwriters Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, but it's being created by Sausage Party writers Ariel Shaffir and Kyle Hunter. According to Syfy Wire, the writing team originally envisioned the story as a movie script, but they realized that "wrapping the story up in a three-act structure" of a Future Man movie "left a bad taste" in their mouths since "the characters had way further to go."

The Future Man story riffs on The Last Starfighter, Back To The Future, Quantum Leap, and The Terminator, among other movies and TV shows, but Shaffir and Hunter did not want to merely make gag references to Sci-Fi tropes. Instead, they wanted time travel to be a problem rather than a solution to problems since time travel can create so many unintended consequences. They believe the Future Man TV series has the potential for endless stories being told in multiple time periods.

In the finale episode, the main plot had seemingly been wrapped up, but Future Man Season 2 was heavily implied. Mirroring the ending of the fictional Biotic Wars video game, the main character escapes from the exploding tower of Dr. Elias Kronish only to be caught by Detective Vincent Skarsgaard and sent to prison. With the threat to humanity apparently vanquished, his comrades time travel back to the future. But audiences are given the hint that there may have been unintended consequences since the ending shows someone about to time travel to the prison.

The writers explained that each season will have a contained story. The first season's pilot episode set up a problem that is solved by the finale. However, they purposefully seeded the first 13 episodes with elements that build up to Future Man Season 2. Besides having a completely new story for the second season, the writers also hinted that Future Man 2 could be set in a completely different world due to time travel shenanigans.

Future Man Tiger And Josh
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Future Man 2 To Feature Romance Between Josh And Tiger?

Actor Josh Hutcherson plays as the nerdy Josh Futturman onscreen, while Derek Wilson and Eliza Coupe are the future Resistance soldiers Wolf and Tiger. In an interview with Den Of Geek, Coupe was asked if Tiger might be interested in having a romantic relationship in Future Man Season 2.

The actress claims that certain scenes were cut from the first season that alluded to a previous romance. She also teased that the old flame is not anyone audiences would expect. Apparently, the romance storyline is being held off for the second season of Future Man.

"With Tiger's growing understanding of friendship and family, it feels like something that will eventually have to happen," Coupe said. "They'll just have to figure out how to work past the rathole to rathole business."

If Coupe could send Josh, Tiger, and Wolf anywhere, she would choose the American Wild West. There is plenty of room for fish-out-of-water comedy since Tiger and Wolf could start shooting at the mere sight of horses. Coupe is also in favor of visiting 1770's Europe, the time period of Marie Antoinette and King Louis XVI of France, the American Revolution, and explorer James Cook.

While Coupe knows where she wants to travel, the actress is uncertain about the specific situations she would like to see in Future Man Season 2. However, she has been surprised by how the scripts have treated Tiger so far.

"There are just so many ways it can go and I know who Tiger is at this point—as cheesy as that may sound—so I'm just happy to enjoy the ride," she explained.

Even if there is romance between Josh and Tiger, one thing is certain: Future Man Season 2 will probably not feature Eliza Coupe nude or topless. She says that Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg, and showrunner Ben Karlin "don't want anything stereotypical here." They apparently had a discussion over whether or not they will show Tiger topless and Rogen said, "No. Why would we do that? It'll take everyone out of the scene. That's not cool."

But Future Man 2 may develop Tiger's maternal instincts. Babies and family relationships became an important element for the character throughout the first season and Coupe says Tiger's feelings about babies will "definitely play a major part in her character arc."

"In spite of how Tiger might want to have a baby, it's really not that at all," she explained. "It's rooted in this absurd idea of having no idea what a baby even is and then they become these ways of prolonging the human race. How alluring is that?"

Coupe considers her role as Tiger a "dream job" because "the progression of the characters and story is like a movie" rather than a regular sitcom TV show. She is yearning to see how her "character can truly evolve—and devolve." Unfortunately, without the benefit of a time machine, audiences will just have to wait until the Future Man Season 2 release date to see what goes wrong next.

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