Tori Spelling And Dean McDermott Both Due In Court For Non-Payment Of Debts

Dean McDermott was already struggling with a legal crisis over his unpaid child support and is facing a contempt charge that could put him behind bars, but now, he and his wife, Tori Spelling, are both being taken back to court over shared debts, including non-payment of a $400k loan in both of their names and an additional $220k judgment against Spelling and McDermott. A judge is now calling Tori Spelling and McDermott back to court in early 2018 to explain her financial situation, and if she doesn’t show up, Tori Spelling is also facing jail along with Dean McDermott.

The loans and lack of payments are in both the names of Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott, but Dean McDermott was recently served with a court summons from his former wife, Mary Jo Eustace which could send him to jail for contempt. Eustace had let McDermott off the hook when he promised to make payments on the back $100k he owed her and their son, Jack McDermott, but not only has he not paid but instead, he has taken his new family on lavish vacations and posted the photos on Instagram. Eustace says that Jack McDermott has had his accounts cleaned out by those seeking to collect the debts of his father and Tori Spelling.

“This is the second time it’s happened. Dean owes about $800 for Jack’s apartment. In March, Eustace took 50-year-old McDermott to court in a bid to collect $108,000 in allegedly unpaid spousal support. As she prepares to do so again, he keeps telling her to give him more time.”

Mary Jo Eustace says that she has no more patience for Dean McDermott or Tori Spelling, who she says has treated her son, Jack, badly.

City National Bank is suing Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott for stiffing them on a loan taken out back in 2010, and the additional judgment for non-payment. Tori Spelling and McDermott have received a summons from the County of Los Angeles.

“You are ordered to appear personally before this court, or before a referee appointed by the court, to furnish information to aid in enforcement of a money judgment against you.”

Tori Spelling must show up for court on February 21st and is subject to arrest if she doesn’t show. Both Spelling and McDermott are facing two lawsuits from American Express, as well as back taxes. Add to that the $100k that McDermott owes Mary Jo Eustace, which she has told the court that she believes he has no intention of paying, says RadarOnline.

“He owes over $100,000 moving forward and I believe he has no intention of paying. He bounces my son’s university rent/tuition and is delinquent in paying therapist bills while he shops and throws lavish parties for his other 5 children.”

Mary Jo Eustace has said that if Dean McDermott or Tori Spelling were willing to get jobs, then McDermott would at least be able to pay the support he owes for the care of his first child, Jack McDermott. Eustace also told Daily Mail that he regretted marrying Tori Spelling.

“A year and a half ago, Dean confessed to me that he had made a mistake and he wondered what his life would be like if he had he stayed with me. He said, ‘Do I love Tori? Yeah. But I’ve thrown my life away.'”

Eustace said then McDermott started crying and saying that he can’t believe that he ended his marriage to Eustace to marry Tori Spelling.

Over the last few years, Candy Spelling, Tori Spelling’s mother has allegedly been the one paying bills for Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott.

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