Jinger Duggar And Jeremy Vuolo Get Matchy-Matchy In Jeans, Pants Trigger Health Concerns On Instagram

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo are making couple goals as they reveal their cold-weather fashion to their Instagram followers. Turns out, there is going to be a lot of pants and jeans this holiday season. Jinger and Jeremy got lots of attention sporting matching jeans on Instagram, as they took some time off from their busy schedules to play some bar games. They certainly have the figure to look their best in hipster-inspired skinny jeans.

While this is not the first time that the 23-year-old Duggar emerged wearing pants, whenever she appears in something that is not skirts or dresses, it still causes a stir amongst the Counting On fans. The only type of pants that the Duggar girls are allowed to wear are leggings to layer underneath shorter skirts.

Ever since Jinger moved away after her wedding to Jeremy Vuolo, she started taking chances with her style, showing how she can still look feminine and modest in a tight pair of jeans.

Her fans were, at first, shocked by her style choices, wondering if this means that she is throwing all her childhood values away. But it looks like she still respects her conservative upbringing.

“You look great! Modest yet fashionable,” one fan commented. “Continue to enjoy your marriage and relationship with God. I love that you’re not rushing into having children. Balance in life is key.”

Others wanted to give some salient advice on how to dress more in a hipster manner.

“If you want to keep wearing plaid shirts, they look much better unbuttoned all the way with a v-neck t-shirt, tank top, or graphic tees,” one fan wrote. “Another cute thing to do with button-up plaid shirts is to roll up the sleeves or cuff them up halfway to your forearm or to even tie them around your waist while wearing a t-shirt and skinny jeans or jeggings. Hope those tips help!”

What goes up must come down ????

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But this Instagram update has got some fans worried about her health.

“She looks so much thinner in jeans,” a fan noticed. “Hope she is ok.”

“She’s so skinny,” another remarked.

This is not the first time that her followers were worried about her health. In one of the pictures that Jeremy uploaded of his wife, Jinger, looked a little worse for wear, making her fans wonder if she is trapped in an abusive relationship.

“What’s up with the black eye?” One fan asked.

So far, nothing else in their Instagram pictures showed signs of maltreatment. In fact, it looks like Jinger and Jeremy are loving their lives as a couple, who just celebrated their first wedding anniversary.

“This looks fun,” a fan remarked in a picture that showed Jeremy playing Cornhole. “I love that you and Jeremy have fun together. Your happiness shines in every picture!”

Check out Jeremy rocking his skinny jeans.

I never want to stop making memories with you @jeremy_vuolo ????

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Furthermore, the fans have been enamored by how good looking Jinger’s husband is. Many have called him “handsome” and “cute,” adding that seeing how “happy and relaxed” Jinger seems, he “must be a great husband.”

Brisk weather in Laredo today. ☺️

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