Jenelle Evans’ Problems With MTV Stems From Chelsea DeBoer’s Storyline On ‘Teen Mom 2’?

Jenelle Evans has threatened to quit Teen Mom 2 because of the way producers are choosing to portray her on the show. Evans has revealed that she’s hurt and heartbroken over the way things are unfolding on the show, including how producers are supposedly editing the footage to make David Eason look abusive. Evans stormed off the reunion show when David wanted to leave. However, it sounds like fans are picking up on the comparisons that are being made on the show. Of course, these comparisons could just be for some viewers, while others feel that the show depicts the truth.

According to a new tweet that Evans tweeted, Jenelle’s fans are now defending her over her Teen Mom 2 appearance. One person pointed out that Jenelle’s storyline always has flaws and drama, while some of the other girls have little drama. Leah Messer and Chelsea DeBoer rarely have drama like Jenelle. Of course, some people would argue that DeBoer and Messer handle the same issues with a bit more maturity and they don’t go storming off, hiding in a house, and refuse to film. Instead, they take the high road and deal with issues away from the producers once filming has wrapped.

“Together is a beautiful place to be.” Just want to say thank you for making me happy. ????

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“Why do they try and act like Chelsea is a Saint w/ 0 problems and all your life is is problems, it’s so obviously unbalanced. I get they want more drama for ratings but it seems so edited and not true,” one person wrote in defense of Jenelle, while another chimed in with a different side of the story, adding, “Chelsea has never been full of drama. She just happened to be 16 and pregnant. She has had good family support as always has been the best parent and just a good person. Her child came first. She was gorgeous at her reception.”

Of course, Jenelle and Chelsea’s storylines on the show are completely different. The biggest issues that Chelsea is dealing with aren’t in her home. She wants Adam Lind to play a role in Aubree’s life but she also wants him to be sober. In terms of Leah Messer’s life, Jenelle doesn’t have her children at home with her like Leah does. It sounds like there are many things that producers compare with one another on the show, which is easy because Jenelle’s life was a bit chaotic for a while. Now, she’s gotten married and it sounds like she has the life she’s always wanted. She just wants her children in her sole custody.

Chelsea DeBoer may return for the upcoming season of Teen Mom 2, but Jenelle Evans has threatened to quit the show. It’s possible that Jenelle won’t be returning to the show next year because she feels that producers are trying to make her look bad.

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