Malia Obama Making Out With ‘Mystery’ Man And Smoking A Cigarette Sends Social Media Into A Frenzy

News about Malia Obama making out with a mystery man and lighting up a cigarette during a pregame event is sending social media into a frenzy. The freshman Harvard student is living her life the way most young adults do, but her celebrity status doesn’t cut her much slack, and people are reacting.

On Monday, TMZ reported that Malia Obama was spotted kissing a guy during the Yale-Harvard football game in New Haven, Connecticut. She was seen on video making out with the young man who was wearing a crimson sweatshirt, but it’s unknown if he’s a fellow student. The former first daughter also lit up a cigarette, something her mother, Michelle Obama, is known to be flat-out against; she reportedly put a little “fear” into her husband for his smoking habits.

The overall reaction on social media to the latest report about the Obamas’ eldest daughter is to “leave her alone.” Many feel the 19-year-old should be able to live her life freely without “creepy” photographers getting shots of her kissing someone. Others expressed that they don’t care. Commenters didn’t find Malia Obama’s outing newsworthy just because she was kissing someone and smoking a cigarette.

Despite all their protests, the actual report has nearly 25,000 likes and thousands of retweets on social media. People are interested in what both Malia and Sasha Obama are up to since leaving the White House. They may not have chosen to be celebrities, but that’s the situation they find themselves in — especially since their parents are so popular with the public.

When Malia Obama went in for a kiss with the unidentified guy, she didn’t have a care in the world that someone with a camera was standing nearby. She threw caution to the wind and likely figured if people had an issue with what she was doing, it was their problem. An abundance of people on social media applauded her for living her life and appearing happy.

According to Radar Online, one witness noticed Malia Obama smoking outside of a pizza joint as well. Others have claimed to have witnessed the Harvard freshman partying since moving on campus.

Malia Obama was first seen getting wild at the Lollapalooza festival in Chicago last summer. She was photographed smoking something that appeared to be a marijuana joint. She was seen wearing a T-shirt not long after that read, “Smoking Kills.”

[Featured Image by Miriam May-Pool/Getty Images]