Why Does Queen Elizabeth Always Dress In Bright Colors?

It’s no secret that Queen Elizabeth II loves wearing a colorful array of dresses, but it turns out that there is a good reason for the Queen’s love of bright hues. Marie Claire reports that Elizabeth always dons bright apparel because she wants to maximize her exposure in crowded settings.

Queen Elizabeth Wants Her Subjects To See Her

In a recent documentary titled The Queen at 90, Sophie revealed that Queen Elizabeth always wants to stand out and be immediately recognized at royal events. The Countess of Wessex and daughter-in-law of the Queen says that she wants her fans to walk away from events knowing that they caught a glimpse of the monarch.

This is a smart tactic by the Queen, who is usually surrounded by an entourage of people whenever she steps out in public. The crowds are also typically large at royal events, and it is harder for people who are standing deeper in the audience to see the Queen at eye level. This is why the Queen also usually wears a unique hat and matching gloves. When it comes to her nail polish, however, the Queen usually favors a light pink, which pretty much goes with any bright color.

Why Queen Elizabeth And Prince Philip Rarely Kissed In Public [Featured Image Thomas Lohnes/Getty Images]
Unlike his wife, Prince Philip has retired from public duties. [Image Thomas Lohnes/Getty Images]

Queen Elizabeth Owns A McDonald’s?

In addition to her colorful clothing, there is one other fact about Britain’s longest-ruling monarch that may surprise you. According to Marie Claire, Queen Elizabeth actually owns her very own McDonald’s. That’s right, there is a McDonald’s located in Oxfordshire that is owned by Her Majesty. The fast-food joint is within the confines of Banbury Gateway Shopping Park, which also houses a Marks & Spenser and Primark. The facilities are owned and operated by the Crown Estate.

In true royal fashion, the Queen’s McDonald’s isn’t your typical fast-food restaurant. The place features free WiFi, table service, and phone-charging outlets. However, it isn’t clear if Queen Elizabeth frequents the McDonald’s.

Queen Elizabeth is currently celebrating her 70th anniversary with Prince Philip. She also became the country’s longest-ruling monarch this year and is showing no signs of slowing down.

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