Neal McCoy’s ‘Take A Knee My A**’ Climbs The Country Music Charts, But Backfires On Twitter

Neal McCoy probably won’t be performing his latest single for the NFL anytime soon. The country star’s new song, “Take a Knee My A**,” is in the top five on the country music charts, but not everyone is happy about it.

How did fans react to McCoy’s new song on social media?

The Washington Times reports that McCoy shared the track on YouTube and has received mixed reactions from viewers. The video features photographs of veterans, soldiers, and police officers standing with their hands over their hearts during the national anthem. Dan Roberts wrote the song, and McCoy explained how it perfectly describes how he and a lot of people feel about the anthem protests in the NFL.

The song was originally released in early November and has climbed to the No. 4 spot on iTunes’ Top 100 Country Songs. While the song is smashing the charts, Huffington Post reports that a lot of fans are bashing it on Twitter for its confusing title. The official title of the song, “Take A Knee, My A** (I Won’t Take a Knee),” led some followers to say that it sounds painful while others commented that it’s just plain stupid.

Some fans even attempted to correct the title to clear up the confusion, but that didn’t stop people from poking fun at the song. One fan, for example, shared a photo of a donkey sitting down with the song’s title as the caption.

How Does Neal McCoy feel about the NFL protests?

The track is a response to the widespread anthem protests that have been going on all year long in the NFL. The protests have been met with mixed feelings amongst NFL fans, especially those with conservative views, like Neal McCoy.

When speaking about the decision to record the song, McCoy said that NFL players have the right to protest during the anthem. However, the country star believes taking a knee is not the right thing to do and sends the wrong message.

Trump Presidency NFL Protest

McCoy has not responded to the latest comments on social media regarding his controversial track. He did, however, reveal that he personally recites the pledge of allegiance every single day.

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