Is ‘Real Housewives’ Camille Grammer’s Fiance Still Married, Being Accused Of Abuse By His Wife?

Sources are asking a lot of questions about Real Housewives Camille Grammer’s fiance, David C. Meyer, and wondering if the Bravo beauty has once again chosen a bad guy. A new report is saying that Camille’s fiance is still married and that his wife has accused him of abuse. RHOBH Camille Grammer and attorney David C. Meyer announced their engagement last month, but at this time, he cannot legally marry Camille Grammer as he is still married to Wendy Meyer.

Camille Grammer is returning to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for the new season and has finished up the last bit of financial business with her ex, Kelsey Grammer, after a judge awarded her half of his 401k from the period when they were married. Camille Grammer said she wasn’t sure if she wanted to return to the Bravo show to have another relationship on display.

“So the pros and cons are: How much do I want the public to see my life? And also I have two children. I want to protect them from certain things; I’m a very protective mother. Maybe if I was married I’d do it. But as a single mom, I feel more exposed. I don’t have the support. I have a boyfriend, we just started dating the last several months. And again, do I want to throw him into the mix? Oh my god, the craziness of it.”

RadarOnline is saying that as of November 21st, David C. Meyer and his wife, Wendy, are still legally married and have been for eleven years. But Wendy Meyer claims that she and her estranged husband, David, separated back in 2014 after he assaulted her, and he was arrested. In legal documents, Wendy Meyer shared her complaint about the man who is now engaged to Camille Grammer.

“Respondent and I separated on September 24, 2014, when respondent was arrested after he physically assaulted me in our home and caused me to have a concussion.”

As a result of his arrest, Wendy Meyer says that her estranged husband, David C. Meyer, has withheld marital funds from her while he lives a “lavish” lifestyle in Malibu, but there is no mention of his relationship with Camille Grammer, who also has a house in Malibu.

“Although the Respondent and I lead a lavish lifestyle during our marriage as discussed in more detail below, Respondent has refused to provide me with an adequate amount of child and spousal support since we separated.”

Wendy Meyer says that their two children complain that their father drinks during their visitation and leaves them in the care of “girls in bikinis” at the house he is leasing in Malibu.

And Wendy Meyer is making a lot of the same complaints that Camille Grammer made after Kelsey Grammer left her for another woman during the first season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Meyer says that Camille Grammer’s boyfriend, David C. Meyer, has left the care of their two children to her while controlling all of the money. Wendy Meyer claims that she has physical custody and that David C. Meyer only visits with the two boys 20 percent of the time. She says that Meyer only chooses to see them four to six days each month, though he is able to see them more if he chooses.

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And if anyone can relate to Wendy Meyer it should be RHOBH Camille Grammer, who reported that she was abused by her boyfriend, Dimitri Charalambopoulos, whom she dated after her split from Kelsey Grammer. Camille Grammer made a statement after she said that a fight in a hotel with Charalambopoulos left her bruised and battered.

“I want to encourage women everywhere to speak up for themselves when it comes to domestic violence and abuse.”

Camille Grammer went public, saying that it was while she was recovering from cancer surgery that Charalambopoulos assaulted her.

“I just got out of a major surgery. I was completely vulnerable. He was supposed to be there to take care of me, comfort me, bring me food. I still wake up in the middle of the night with this vision in my head of being hit.”

It is unclear whether Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Camille Grammer knows that her fiance, David C. Meyer, was arrested for allegedly assaulting his wife, Wendy, or if this will threaten the future of their relationship. The new season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills with Camille Grammer is currently filming, but it’s unclear whether this current issue will be seen on the show and if Camille Grammer will evaluate this warning from Wendy Meyer.

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