Prince Harry Reportedly Steals Meghan Markle Romance Cues From Kate Middleton: Does Queen Approve?

Prince Harry doesn’t need to spend hours figuring out how to romance Meghan Markle. For inspiration, Harry just has to turn to his sister-in-law Kate Middleton and brother Prince William, who succeeded in turning love into a long-lasting marriage, complete with storybook-perfect kids. But the question of whether Queen Elizabeth approves of Prince Harry’s romance with Meghan has remained a topic for tabloids, with some claiming that both she and Camilla Parker Bowles don’t approve of Markle. As the Inquisitr reported, rumors have soared that Camilla has even conducted a “smear campaign” against Meghan.

Prince William Inspires Prince Harry’s Romance

With the speculation about when, where, and whether Prince Harry will propose to Markle swirling, the Express reported that Kate Middleton and Prince William hold the romantic keys to the clues.

“Prince Harry seems to have taken inspiration from Prince William’s gifts to Kate Middleton.”

When Prince William proposed to Kate, he used the engagement ring that his father gave to Princess Diana. Taking his cues from his brother, Harry reportedly is on the verge of giving Markle a watch that belonged to Princess Diana.

Meghan’s half-brother Tom Markle Jr. is thrilled at the signs that Prince Harry is serious. He described her as having “won the lottery of life” if they wed. Tom expressed his pride in learning that the “the family’s princess” is set to become “a real princess.”

Prince Harry’s Royal Relatives Clash On Whether To Support Or Scorn Meghan Markle

Although Markle’s half-brother approves, the royal family members tend to be much more private when it comes to revealing their views. Royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams pointed out that the flock already reigns as “the world’s most high profile royal family.” It’s thought that Meghan’s show business and activism background will enhance that fame.

However, as the Inquisitr reported, Kate Middleton is rumored to be furious that the spotlight has shifted from her third pregnancy to Prince Harry’s romance. In addition to Camilla’s alleged smear campaign against Markle, the Queen was described as viewing Meghan as too sassy and loud rather than classy and soft-spoken like Kate.

What does Queen Elizabeth think of Prince Harry's girlfriend Meghan Markle?
What does Queen Elizabeth think of Prince Harry's girlfriend Meghan Markle? [Image by Julian Simmonds/WPA Pool/Getty Images]

But something seems to have changed the Queen’s mind, causing her to move from the royal camp against Prince Harry’s girlfriend to the team favoring Markle. Now to Love reported that Queen Elizabeth just made a stunning gesture indicating that she supports Harry’s romance.

Queen Elizabeth Chooses Sides: This Could Change Everything

With the power that Queen Elizabeth has on everything from when to announce wedding dates to which countries to visit, her sweet present welcoming Meghan to the royal family is viewed as highly significant. It could mean that not just the engagement announcement but the wedding date is closer than anyone imagined.

“Her Majesty has opened up the royal vault for the 36-year-old. In a dream come true, Meghan will be able to have her pick of tiaras to wear on the big day!”

If Kate Middleton and Camilla Parker Bowles can let go of their alleged negative feelings toward Markle, choosing which tiara to flaunt on her wedding day could turn into a very special occasion that bonds Prince Harry’s girlfriend with his sister-in-law and stepmother.

Meghan’s sparkling choices include the Strathmore Rose tiara, Queen Mary’s Fringe tiara, Lotus Flower tiara, and the Teck Crescent tiara. And like so many treasures handed down from generation to generation in the royal family, each one holds a special significance. Queen Elizabeth wore the Fringe tiara on her wedding day, while Kate Middleton turned heads when she wore the Lotus Flower tiara.

Kate Middleton Versus Meghan Markle: Queen Fuels Feud?

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Kate has been worried about the possibility of Queen Elizabeth opening up her treasure chest of gems for Meghan.

“Kate Middleton is worried that Queen Elizabeth might let Meghan Markle dip into her jewelry box the same way she has been doing for several years now.”

Middleton has been seen flaunting Queen Elizabeth’s jewelry on the red carpet. The possibility that Prince Harry’s girlfriend will follow Kate’s lead is reportedly upsetting to the pregnant mom of two. After Harry and Meghan marry, Middleton will have to share the spotlight when it comes to who has the best relationship with Queen Elizabeth as indicated by wearing her jewelry.

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