Kim Kardashian Hurt By Beyonce’s Shady Behavior, Desperately Hopes For ‘KUWTK’ Friendship

Kim Kardashian is hurt by Beyonce’s cold behavior towards her, it has been alleged.

Just last week, the two were reunited at Serena Williams’ wedding, and according to reports, the encounter was anything but pleasant.

Sources claimed that Beyonce and Kim Kardashian briefly spoke to greet one another but it was evidently clear that the singer had no intentions of staying around and making further small talk with the TV personality.

Hollywood Life is claiming that Kim Kardashian notices the behavior all the time from Bey and it’s really affecting her, particularly since Beyonce is supposed to be a family friend.

Kanye West has known Bey and Jay Z for almost two decades, having met both artists in the late ’90s before going on to produce and write some of their biggest hits.

But ever since the rapper tied the knot with Kim, things have been derailing between the trio and it’s said that Kim Kardashian played a part in it — Beyonce simply doesn’t want to be affiliated with the Kardashians.

While that might be something that’s hard for the mother-of-two to comprehend, the “Formation” star reportedly gives the rather cold shoulder because she doesn’t see herself spending quality time with Kim, who she doesn’t even consider a friend of hers.

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Kim Kardashian, according to the publication’s insider, notes how she’s baffled as to how North West has never had the opportunity to go on playdates with Bey’s daughter, Blue Ivy.

They are similar in age and do not live far from one another, but it’s believed that since Queen Bey doesn’t want to associate herself with Kim and her family, she has never been open to the idea of letting her daughter play with Kanye’s children.

Their encounters are usually very awkward and frosty, despite Bey having the decency to at least say hello to Kim Kardashian, but the reality star is aware of the shady behavior and it’s upsetting her a lot.

Kim Kardashian, despite having tried to make it seem as if all is well between her and Jay Z’s wife, sources affirm that there’s no relationship between the two — Kim wants to be friends but Beyonce has absolutely no interest.

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