November 20, 2017
WWE News: Paige Returns To 'Raw' & Brings Two Surprising NXT Stars With Her

Everyone's favorite "Anti-Diva" made her return to WWE Raw on Monday night as Paige is finally back. However, she didn't come to the show alone as she brought two friends with her for a surprise attack and another angle backstage. Could Paige have formed a new stable of women's superstars? Here are the latest details on Paige making her return to the Raw program and what she had in store for the current reigning WWE Raw Women's Champion.

Within the past week, the WWE rumor mill had been buzzing that Paige would return on last Monday's Raw or even at this past Sunday's Survivor Series 2017 pay-per-view. Both events came and went without any involvement or mention of Paige. Instead, she emerged on Monday night during several segments of WWE's Raw show. The first segment was her surprise return during a women's Four-way match for a championship shot. That match involved Bayley, Sasha Banks, Mickie James, and Alicia Fox.

Several minutes into the match, Paige's theme music hit and she came out on stage to ask if the fans missed her. She said she didn't come alone. NXT women's superstars Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose hit the ring along with Paige to attack the women in the match. Alicia Fox ended up fleeing from the ring. Paige and her two friends were able to put down Mickie, Sasha and Bayley with different moves before raising their arms in the ring together.

WWE posted a Twitter video showing Paige make her highly-anticipated return to Monday's Raw episode.
Later, in a backstage angle, Paige was with her friends Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville for an interview. Alexa Bliss came into the picture and told Renee Young to leave. Paige introduced Bliss to Mandy and Sonya. Next, Paige kicked the women's champion. The trio went on a rampage as they attacked the WWE Raw Women's Champion backstage, tossing her into a nearby piece of equipment.

WWE posted an animated photo on Twitter to show Paige and her NXT friends helping her attack "The Goddess" Alexa Bliss.

It would appear based on this angle that maybe Paige has turned a new leaf over and is back on the heel side of things? This new trio seems like they mean business and it appears that "Miss Bliss" has a major target on her back as the women's champion. Will Paige soon become the top contender for the WWE Raw Women's Championship?

[Featured Image by WWE]