Christina Aguilera: Her Reaction To Whitney Houston Tribute Backlash, Does She Hate Pink?

Christina Aguilera’s tribute to Whitney Houston at the American Music Awards last night left quite the impression on fans and fellow artists.

The response from the performance was rather mixed, with many people on social media slamming Aguilera for even attempting to sing a song from the iconic diva.

Christina has never made it a secret that she loved Whitney and her entire discography, so it would seem that paying tribute to someone she respected so much would make sense.

It turns out that fans couldn’t disagree more.

Christina, who started trending during her performance, left viewers puzzled and confused with some of the notes she was hitting, while others claimed she sounded very much off-key and shouldn’t have taken on the chance to sing a Whitney Houston song.

The reaction from viewers in the audience didn’t seem very different, with many claiming that Pink’s facial expression, which looked as if she was appalled by Christina’s singing abilities, spoke words for just how many fans felt watching the show at home.

And though the response hasn’t been all that great, Christina Aguilera is keeping her head held high, with Hollywood Life reporting that the songstress is refusing to take note of things that people have had to say about her rendition of some of the biggest Whitney songs.

She believes that with her vocal ability, she did the best she could and having watched it back, she felt proud and embraced the opportunity for what it was.

Christina Aguilera is also aware of users’ comments saying that Pink’s facial expression appeared as if she hated the performance, but X-tina couldn’t disagree more, as Pink later stressed that she was actually in love with everything she heard and saw.

still reeling...

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Christina Aguilera, again, isn’t worried about other people’s opinions. She has no bad blood with Pink, but even if they did, she thinks that she did a great job and that’s simply all that she cares about at this point.

News of Aguilera’s interesting tribute to Whitney Houston comes just months after the mother-of-two announced she was working on a new album.

Further information has yet to be revealed recording the forthcoming record.

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