Valve: Brits are too quiet in online games

A recent CVG interview with Valve produced an interesting comment regarding online gaming etiquette: apparently, British gamers are “notorious non-talkers.”

Valve’s Chet Faliszek has urged British gamers to “[…] communicate. Don’t be scared of a microphone. You guys are notorious non-talkers on both 360 and PC. Americans are just chattering away, working together as a team. If you want to work together as a team you’ve got to talk!”

Faliszek’s comments come just two weeks before the global launch of Left 4 Dead 2, a game where success often depends on good communication between players.

But is he right?

As a Brit and a regular Left 4 Dead player, I feel I should stick up for my fellow British gamers. While I agree that Americans are more vocal while gaming online, American players often spout less … well, let’s say less useful conversation. When Brits do speak, it’s usually for a good reason.

That’s just my own personal experience speaking, by the way. Put simply, I find Brits to be more unassuming. I’m not sure it’s a “courage” thing, Chet. Being reserved is a part of our national psyche.

[Via CVG]