Michael Schumacher Health Update: Why Family Of Formula One Legend Suddenly Kept Mum About His Condition?

Mark RendersGetty Images

Michael Schumacher’s unfortunate accident at the French Alps was never hidden from the public as the family of the Formula One legend believed that his fans deserved to know what happened to the famous German racer. However, the family suddenly had a change of heart and asked the fans and media to respect their privacy.

The sports community has been desperate to know more updates regarding Michael Schumacher’s health, but nothing much is said about his current condition. Although earlier reports have already suggested that the Formula One legend was showing encouraging signs, family and friends revealed that his battle is certainly far from over.

Michael Schumacher suffered a severe head injury on Dec. 29, 2013 and many speculated that the lack of update may mean that the 48-year-old F1 star’s recovery might be bleak. Fans have been concerned about the Formula One legend’s health for quite a long time, so some of his friends tried their best to share some updates regarding his condition.

The retired racing driver’s former teammate, Johnny Herbert, has previously shared some notes that he learned about the status of Michael Schumacher’s condition. The British F1 racer didn’t reveal much except for his friend having some “good days and bad days.”

One of his close pals, Ross Brawn, shared something promising regarding the state of Michael Schumacher’s health at the time that made his fans hopeful. However, the technical director at Benetton and Ferrari quickly took his statement back after realizing that the F1 star’s family wanted to keep this topic private.

It appeared that his family wants to focus more on his recovery rather than telling everyone about Michael Schumacher’s condition in press releases.

However, despite wanting to keep Michael Schumacher’s health condition as private as possible, his eldest daughter Gina-Maria Schumacher, has posted something about her dad on social media. Although she did not elaborate on the F1 star’s current status, she encouraged his supporters to keep their hopes up.

Michael Schumacher’s family has also tried to open up a little bit last year to mark his first world championship title on Nov. 13. They posted a message on his official Facebook page to announce the anniversary of his epic win. The post was then accompanied by a #TeamMichael hashtag.