Disneyland Discontinuing The Southern California Annual Pass, But For How Long?

As Disneyland prepares for some big-time crowds in the next couple of years, they are taking away one of their more popular ticket options. It was announced on Monday that the Southern California annual pass has been discontinued and will no longer be available for new customers. This isn’t the first time that the SoCal annual pass has been taken away, though, and it appears it won’t be the last time it is seen either.

Over the next couple of years, Disneyland will see a lot of new happenings and advancements coming to its parks and resorts. In 2018, Pixar Fest will take place and then, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will officially open sometime in 2019, with big crowds expected for both.

That’s not even mentioning the brand new resort hotel joining the other three on property resorts by 2021.

With more and more people heading to the Disneyland Resort for all of these new things, changes are coming to their tickets. Joseph Pimentel of the OC Register said that a Disneyland spokesperson confirmed the Southern California annual pass has been discontinued, but only for now.

Beginning Nov. 20, the official website of Disneyland had removed the pass, which did not allow for new purchases of it.

disneyland southern cal california annual pass discontinued

Those that currently hold a Southern California annual pass will have the option to renew once their pass expires. Those who recently had their passes expire will receive letters giving them the option to renew their pass if they choose to do so.

Disneyland spokeswoman Michele Himmelberg said that everything at the parks is always being evaluated and re-evaluated to make things as good as possible for their guests.

“Our annual passes are very popular with guests. We continuously seek the appropriate balance that helps manage demand for our product and allows us to deliver a world-class experience for all guests.”

Back in 2014, the Southern California annual pass was discontinued in conjunction with the 60th anniversary of the resort and to work with Sunday crowds. In 2016, the pass was brought back and the guests rejoiced.

It really was not a huge surprise that Disneyland took away the Southern California annual pass again because crowds are going to come in without it. With Pixar Fest and Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge on the way, the crowds are going to pour into the Disneyland Resort without needing to give any kind of special promotion. While it’s likely to make a comeback at some point in the future, fans of the SoCal pass will have to do without for now.

[Featured Image by Danny Cox]