November 21, 2017
Justin Bieber 'Super Proud' Of On-Again Girlfriend Selena Gomez's AMAs Performance Return

Hollywood Life reports that superstar Justin Bieber is "super proud" of on-again girlfriend Selena Gomez after her performance at the AMAs. It follows a troubled period which saw the actress struggling with depression, anxiety, illness, and numerous personal issues.

Selena has been mired in a number of public controversies in recent times. Most recently, fans accused her of lip-syncing at the same performance that is now being praised by the proud Justin.

"Justin [Bieber] is super proud of Selena [Gomez]'s courageous return to performing live. He is so happy for his girlfriend because he knows what a challenging road Selena has been through and how difficult it has been for her," a source told Hollywood Life.

Selena has canceled a number of performances in recent years, citing health issues, both mental and physical. The beloved ex-Disney star and "Hands to Myself" singer suffers from lupus and is said to be afflicted by a number of mental health issues, including anxiety, as well.

Many publications have reported that the actress came close to suffering a mental breakdown due to overwork and her distress over Justin Bieber's philandering during the period when they were broken up. Gomez reportedly hated seeing Justin with a string of Instagram models and other flings and couldn't help keeping tabs on him all throughout the breakup.

There were even reports that Selena Gomez turned to drink and drugs to cope with her feelings during her single period. The actress took up with singer The Weeknd and appeared to find happiness with him for a while but is now reportedly back with Justin Bieber exclusively.

Not everybody is happy about it -- many fans accuse Bieber of jerking the beautiful Selena around during the first long on-again, off-again phase of their relationship. These fans hate the fact that Bieber and Gomez are back together and would rather see Selena continue her romance with The Weeknd.

A source told Hollywood Life that Bieber was thrilled to see newly-blonde Selena performing so confidently at the AMAs and called her performance a courageous return.

Justin reportedly covered Selena's dressing room in roses prior to the event.

The source said, "Justin is well aware of all of Selena's health issues, so he feels that her AMA performance was extra special and meaningful for her. He surprised her by making sure that her dressing room at the AMAs was covered with dozens of roses for her after her amazing return. Justin is happy for her because he knows how many countless hours of rehearsal Selena put into this performance. He is pleased too that after all of her health problems, Selena is finally moving forward and getting back to performing for her fans."

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Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez [Image by Rick Diamond/Getty Images]

Selena attracted both hate and support from fans when she attacked Justin very publicly for posting photos of himself with then-girlfriend Sophia Richie many months back. Justin Bieber deleted his Instagram in response to the furious public row with Selena. Gomez had suggested that he stop posting pictures of himself with his minor girlfriend if he was having trouble dealing with the backlash. She also accused him of not appreciating his fans. Justin denied this, saying that he loves his supporters, the Beliebers.

A source told Entertainment Tonight just this month that Justin and Selena have reconnected and Jelena is back on.

The source confirmed that the pair is exclusive once more. The lovers are said to be happy and excited. The source also said that Justin and Selena have both grown a great deal since the fraught first phase of their romance.

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