WWE News: Daniel Bryan Says A Surprising Thing Is Fueling His Return To Wrestling

The WWE forced Daniel Bryan to retire from professional wrestling after the former world champion suffered one too many concussions over his career. However, Bryan has made it clear that he wants to return to the wrestling ring as an active competitor. In a new interview with Sam Roberts on the Sam Roberts’ Wrestling Podcast, Bryan said that he fully intends to wrestle again and he had some information on what fans can expect as well as what it is that fuels his return to active in-ring competition.

What Is Making Daniel Bryan Want To Wrestle Again?

When Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella welcomed their first child into the world, most wondered if having a child depending on him would change the WWE superstar’s mind when it came to returning to the wrestling ring. The WWE was concerned that more concussions could cause irreparable damage while Bryan said doctors told him he was safe.

However, it turns out that his child’s birth did not deter him from wanting to return to active wrestling and instead made him more interested in coming back to the business he loved as an active wrestler, even if the WWE wouldn’t allow it.

Daniel Bryan said that when his child was born, he wanted that child to be able to one day pursue any dream that they wanted. Bryan said that he feels he can still wrestle and doctors can say he can wrestle. Bryan said that if he gives up his dreams because the WWE says he can’t do it, what kind of example is Daniel setting for his child.

What Does Daniel Bryan Want In His Return?

When it comes to his return to wrestling, Daniel Bryan plans to come back full-time but not the same full-time that a WWE career demands. Instead of working 227 matches in a year, which is what Bryan said he wrestled in for the WWE in 2013, he will do around 50 to 100 matches a year instead.

Daniel Bryan said the WWE schedule in 2013 is what led to his needing neck surgery and working a lighter schedule will help him take better care of himself health-wise.

When it comes to his future career, Daniel Bryan pointed to Jerry Lawler. Daniel said that Lawler spent most of his career wrestling in Memphis, putting in about 150 to 200 days a year and sleeping in his own bed every night.

Daniel Bryan said that there is a Portland promotion called DEFY that only puts on a show every couple of months. Bryan said it would be nice to turn it into a small territory with more shows and he could be the face of that company.

With that said, Daniel Bryan did say in the interview that he would like, first and foremost, to return to the ring for the WWE.

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