Malia Obama Passionately Kisses ‘Boyfriend’ At Harvard Tailgate Party: Where Is Secret Service?

Malia Obama has a boyfriend or “mystery man.” Barack and Michelle Obama’s eldest daughter recently proved that she doesn’t care if the Secret Service members and Paparazzi — or anyone else — are around when she is kissing, making out, and puffing on cigarettes. Malia was doing just that at a recent Harvard versus Yale football game tailgate party over the weekend, this according to a TMZ report.

Malia appears to be settling in well during her first year at Harvard University. Spies caught the 19-year-old Obama daughter mingling with some pals at a pregame tailgate party in New Haven Saturday. The Crimson first semester freshman was having a good time ahead of the big game, and she sealed the moment with a kiss.

Malia Obama is seen in one picture kissing an unknown tailgater, presumably her boyfriend, mere steps away from two members of her Secret Service detail, according to insiders. The two were among a small group of friends when the PDA occurred. Others appeared oblivious to Malia and her boyfriend’s make out session.

In a second picture, Malia is seen smoking a cigarette as she smiles and chats with her kissing companion. One witness at the Harvard and Yale game said Malia appeared drunk at the time with her boyfriend. Another person said the aspiring attorney should be congratulated for having the time of her life.

As TMZ pointed out, Malia Obama kissing her so-called boyfriend in public is of no consequence. After all, she’s grown now and is far gone from the days she and Sasha ran around the grounds of the White House under the watchful eyes of Barack and Michelle.

However, the smoking bit may be of concern to Michelle, who, according to a 2013 Guardian post, drove Barack to quit his tobacco habit out of fear. In a United Nations General Assembly, the then-president was overheard chatting with an unnamed official.

During the small talk, which was recorded accidentally by a hot CNN mic, the official asked Obama about his smoking obsession. Barack said he kicked the habit years ago and he owes it all to Michelle. “That’s because I’m scared of my wife,” he said with a grin, according to the source.

Malia Obama has been under scrutiny for a time now. As she approached her college years, she often made headlines about her rumored “debauchery” at bong parties and alleged smoking of marijuana cigarettes.

In recent months, Malia Obama attended the Lollapalooza Festival. She is seen in a video gyrating on the ground and head banging to the music.

The paparazzi has been a constant fixture in Malia’s life and the cameras are never far behind now that she has left Washington behind and enrolled in Harvard. That said, Malia has not escaped the stream of negative headlines.

Recently, the former New York intern became the subject of fake news. Twitter users and Tabloid reports claimed that the FBI had questioned Malia as part of a probe into allegations from scores of women who claimed Harvey Weinstein sexually harassed or abused them. Purportedly, federal agents pressed the former first daughter for information that could assist them in the allegations surrounding her former boss.

Chelsea Clinton jumped to Malia’s defense in light of the rumors. She called the gossip “patently false” and part of a conspiracy from Trump and his cronies to defile Barack Obama’s legacy.

“Loathsome. Just loathsome. Please leave Malia alone to lead her own life & keep her out of your (shameful) agenda!” Chelsea said in a tweet.

It’s unclear if the Crimson student Malia Obama was seen kissing is her boyfriend. However, as some of her supporters say Malia is assimilating at ease in the Harvard culture.

[Featured Image by Carolyn Kaster/AP Images]