'The Voice' Season 13 Spoilers: Noah Mac Describes How Coach Jennifer Hudson Prepared Him For Live Shows

The live shows on The Voice Season 13 kick off tonight on NBC, as the Top 12 take the stage and perform for America's votes for the first time this season. Noah Mac, a member of Jennifer Hudson's team, started the season with some major nerve issues. As he prepares to perform live for the first time on the show, he explains how coach Jennifer Hudson helped prepare him for his big night ahead.

If you don't recall, Noah Mac started out Season 13 of The Voice on Blake Shelton's team. However, he lost in the battle rounds to Keisha Renee, and he thought his chances were done on the show. That was not the case, though, as Jennifer Hudson gave him a second chance by stealing him away. Since then, Noah has been a dominant force on Team J-Hud and is now one of the final three artists competing for her team in the live shows, which begin tonight on NBC.

When the season kicked off, Noah was battling some nerves, which could have been why he lost his battle round. However, he talked with Hollywood Life about those nerves and how his new coach helped him gain some confidence along the way.

"Jennifer has helped me a lot with my confidence. Before, I didn't feel as confident as a performer, or as comfortable. I had a lot of problems with nerves and she really helped me by validating me. I think this whole process and experience has given me a lot of validation and confidence moving forward."

As the live shows begin tonight on The Voice Season 13, we have 12 artists remaining. This will be the first time this season that Noah Mac and the other remaining contestants will sing for America's votes. While the nerves may be very high for all of the artists, Noah said he is ready for this.

"It's up to me to challenge myself and grow and show America who I am as an artist. It's hard being in this industry, which is different than what I'm used to, and stay true to myself. The majority of work I am doing is to be as genuine as possible."
As Hollywood Life reported, Noah Mac is gaining that "heartthrob" status among fans of the show. Noah is not letting that slip away from him and using it to his advantage.

"I think it's a huge advantage. And not just in the competition, but I am given a lot of opportunities that not a lot of people have been given."

While all of the artists audition to be on The Voice to hopefully win the show, Hollywood Life stated that Noah is not putting all of his focus on winning. Noah mentioned that he is "happy with any outcome," as long as he "stays true" to himself. To add to it, viewers must remember that his coach, Jennifer Hudson, did not win American Idol when she was a contestant on the show, and things have turned out pretty well for her.

As Noah said, "It's totally a boost in confidence and reassuring."

The Top 12 on The Voice Season 13 perform tonight on NBC at 8/7c.

[Featured Image by Tyler Golden/NBC]