Cheryl Burke Speaks Out, Says ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Isn’t Rigged

Cheryl Burke of Dancing With the Stars is speaking out about the show and says that isn’t rigged, no matter what people are saying. Us Weekly shared that Cheryl Burke is speaking out and is sharing her own blog. She shared that last week after being sent home, she watched the show from home. She loved Jordan Fisher.

She does feel like Mark Ballas and Lindsey Sterling were underscored on a couple of their dances, but she also doesn’t feel like that means that the show is rigged. She thinks that they actually should have got a perfect score. Cheryl was sad to see Victoria Arlen end up getting sent home as well.

Cheryl Burke admits that she knows after being on the show for 20 seasons that it isn’t rigged at all. It does appear that way sometimes to people, but that isn’t the case at all according to Cheryl. She says that is 50/50 and half is the judge’s scores and half is votes. She doesn’t feel like so many people would watch the show if it wasn’t set up that way.

One other thing that she said is that on Monday night’s finale, you basically have to get a perfect score or you won’t be the one picked as the winner of this season. Cheryl can’t wait to dance on the finale and see who takes home the mirror ball trophy just like everyone else at home. The fans are going to see who wins it all tonight. Pitbull and Fifth Harmony are both going to both be performing there.

She did take a bit of time away from the show, but fans are hoping that Cheryl Burke is back for good now. The fans would love to see her keep up on the show. She admits that she took a three-month break to go and train before coming back again. Cheryl reveals that taking this time gave her enough time to get inspired again.

A lot of people are shocked to hear that Cheryl says the show isn’t rigged. Tomorrow, a big winner for this season will be picked. Don’t miss the finale of Dancing With the Stars on November 21 on ABC. This has been a great season that is coming to an end.

[Featured Image by David Livingston/Getty Images]