Melania Trump Gets $132 ‘NAGAE+ Tin Breath’ Bracelet As A Gift From Japanese Government

President Donald Trump kissed First Lady Melania Trump during their travels throughout several countries, but Melania was the one who received a gift from Japan, via the Japanese government, in the form of a fashionable jewelry item. According to the Asahi Shimbun, Melania received a “Tin Breath” bracelet, which comes from an award-winning line of tin bracelets made in a small factory in Takaoka in the Toyama Prefecture of Japan. The bracelet gifted by the Japanese government to Melania is winning attention online.

As reported by the Nagae website, the Tin Breath bracelets are fitted bracelets that are incredibly versatile and comprised of pure tin. The “Tin Breath” name comes from the sound that is made when a plate of tin is bent. Wearers of the bracelets can easily fold their bracelets and mold them by hand and change their shapes. The bracelets allow their wearers to express their creativity by choosing the side of the reversible plate that they would like to wear, with one side made to resemble Japanese paper “Washi,” and the other side comprised of watercolor paper materials that have been utilized for 700 years in Italy.

The “Tin Breath” bracelets allow the enjoyment of two traditional designs with a thin sheet of metal that is very thin – only 1.2 millimeters thick. That’s what makes the bracelets very malleable but still retain a strong enough shape to make the wearers feel comfortable. The bracelets have been embossed with textures reminiscent of Japanese culture, so the government likely thought it the perfectly fashionable gift for a fashionable first lady’s first official visit to Japan, which occurred at the beginning of November.

On eBay, one of the bracelets is currently priced at $94.

The bracelet that Melania received was a big gold-plated version of the “Tin Breath” model, priced at $132, not including tax. The Japanese Foreign Ministry ordered the bracelet for Melania in late October. Made by Nagae Ltd. and designed by Nagae Plus, the bracelets were viewed as a fashionable object that would represent a “great honor if world-famous people would wear a product from Takaoka’s small factory,” said 37-year-old supervisor Tomonori Yamada.

[Featured Image by Andrew Harnik/AP Images]