Trump’s 40-Pound Turkeys Get Nice Hotel Room That Isn’t A Trump Hotel Before Pardon: Meet Drumstick, Wishbone

President Donald Trump might be headed for a six-day vacation to Mar-a-Lago, but first he has to pardon a couple of big birds, as reported by the Inquisitr. Drumstick and Wishbone are two huge turkeys that received preferential treatment, with their 40-pound hulking size apparent against the hotel beds in the attached photo. The image was released by the White House on Monday, November 20, one day prior to a ceremony wherein President Donald Trump would pardon the two turkeys from a fate of immediate death. President Trump is set to pardon the turkeys on Tuesday in the Rose Garden at the White House, so prior to the time-honored tradition, the turkeys were able to garner luxury digs at a D.C. hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue.

As reported by the Hill, that hotel was not the Trump International Hotel, but the Willard Intercontinental Hotel, where the cost of rooms can run approximately $200 per night — up to more than $6,000 for a presidential suite. The images of the turkeys have spread like wildfire after the official social media pages of the White House posted the photos.

The Willard Intercontinental was booked full on Sunday and Monday, with the cost of the room for the turkeys being absorbed by the National Turkey Federation. According to the White House, the turkeys were raised in Minnesota.

Trump's turkeys get to stay in a nice hotel.
[Image by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]

The turkeys won’t remain in the luxury hotel forever. Instead, after being pardoned, the turkeys will be relocated to “Gobbler’s Rest” at Virginia Tech University. The turkey pardoning ceremony will represent ceremony No. 70 on Tuesday. Afterward, Trump’s family will give away two packaged turkeys to Martha’s Table, a charity in Washington.

As seen in the other photo above, the turkeys were popular animals as folks knelt to grab photos of and take selfies with Drumstick and Wishbone. The birds are both 20 weeks old.

Meanwhile, on Twitter, folks are asking if the turkeys got to stay at the Trump Hotel in D.C. and joked aloud over whether or not Trump’s oldest sons were wearing turkey costumes. Others are writing that the photo doesn’t appear to display a Trump Hotel room and asking if it isn’t the first time that Trump hasn’t used his own properties for a prominent photo op.

[Featured Image by Hannah MacInnis/White House Photo/AP Images]