Pharrell Won’t Drop New Song Until 2117 To Raise Awareness About Climate Change

Pharrell is trying to make a statement about climate change, a widely debated issue that U.S. President Donald Trump thinks is not a man-made phenomenon despite studies saying otherwise.

Pharrell will have fans all fired up for his new single, “100 Years,” for… the next 100 years. The 44-year-old singer builds up hype around his new single to raise awareness about climate change. The “Happy” hitmaker announced the unprecedented decision at a listening party thrown by Louis XIII cognac in Shanghai last week, according to W Magazine.

The new song, dubbed “100 Years,” will be locked away for the next century and won’t be released until 2117. The unusual release date is said to be a statement about the disastrous effect humans have on the environment and climate change. The idea behind the artistic project is that humans won’t be able to hear the new single if they continue to pollute the planet and contribute to the rising sea level.

Scientists have previously warned that the planet’s average temperature could increase by between 2.6 and 4.8 degrees above pre-industrial levels by 2100 if humans continue using vast amounts of fossil fuels, according to the Independent. Scientists also estimate that the sea level could rise by between 11 and 38 inches (28 to 98 centimeters) by 2100, according to National Geographic.

Pharrell Williams attends the Chanel Haute Couture Fall Winter 2017-2018 show as part of Haute Couture Paris Fashion Week
Pharrell won't drop a new single '100 Years' until 2117. [Image by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]

The sole copy of Pharrell’s new single is being stored in a clay vessel that will be destroyed if the sea level ever reaches it and floods the storage unit. In a promotional video, Pharrell grimly warned that if humans “continue on this destructive path, disregarding nature’s calls, the clay vinyl will disintegrate into the rising tides and we’ll lose this track forever.”

The clay vinyl with “100 Years,” which is being locked away in a time capsule-style, was made from soil that was extracted from the Louis XIII Cognac vineyard. Pharrell has not peaked at No. 1 on Billboard’s 100 chart since his hit jam “Happy” in 2014. But the world may never find out if “100 Years” is as catchy and successful as “Happy” if humans continue to emit greenhouse gases at current rates.

Despite U.S. President Donald Trump being a staunch believer that global warming is not caused by humans, the White House released an exhaustive scientific report earlier this month, concluding that there is no “convincing alternative explanation” for climate change besides human activity, according to the New York Times.

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