Priscilla Presley Plastic Surgery Uproar: Twitter Shows Strong Emotions Over ‘Botched,’ ‘Youthful’ Face

Is it age-defying or botched cosmetic surgery? Priscilla Presley is the latest target of plastic surgery shaming, and many are wondering what Elvis Presley’s ex-wife has done to her face.

Twitter has once again proven that it can be a fertile launching area for toxic chatter, bullying, and negative commentary, as the Daily Mail pointed out in a new report. The site wrote that Priscilla Presley looked “very youthful” during a recent television appearance, but a swell of viewers had other thoughts.

Priscilla made a guest appearance on the ITV show Lorraine on Monday to promote a new Elvis album compilation and the holiday tour, “Christmas with Elvis and The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.” Priscilla has pledged to help keep Elvis’ legacy alive with music and philanthropy. Her appearance on the show soon sparked a heated debate over plastic surgery worries and her changing looks.

Priscilla dressed smartly for the appearance. She opted for a demure look by wearing a wine-infused ribbed sweater from designer Ted Baker that fit snuggly around her toned arms. It featured an oversized bow draped over her shoulder.

Priscilla paired the winter wear with a mini skirt that was emblazoned with a large pink rose. Her burgundy hair, heels, and makeup rounded out her look. Later, she posed for pictures and struck a nimble pose. Priscilla resembled a woman decades her junior, as some suggest.

Despite her overall glam look, some posted tweets about her face and expressed shock over her alleged plastic surgery.

“What has Pricilla Presley done to her face?” one user tweeted.

The commentary about Priscilla Presley’s presumed cosmetic surgery and “altered” appearance wasn’t all negative. Some fans flocked to Priscilla’s defense to counter the barrage of criticism, saying she looked great for her age.

Priscilla acknowledged that she underwent plastic surgery procedures in the past, some that fell below expectations. According to her spokesperson in a 2008 interview, Presley was among several other patients of Dr. Daniel Serrano, a “phony” plastic surgeon and “gigolo” who was prosecuted for carrying out a scam among some well-known A-listers.

TMZ says it learned about Priscilla Presley falling victim to the plastic surgery charlatan in 2008 when the Dancing with the Stars alumna sparked chatter about her “strange” facial features. Apparently, in 2003, Priscilla became a patient of the Argentinian man who promised to give her age-defying looks with “miracle injections” that were superior to Botox.

An investigation ensued after a number of patients complained of plastic surgery complications. Investigators learned that Serrano used illegally imported drugs for his patients and injected them with “industrial, low-grade silicone similar to what’s used to lubricate auto parts.” Presley allegedly underwent several corrective procedures in the wake of her botched surgeries.

Elvis and Priscilla Presley wed in 1967 and ended their marriage four years later. Lisa Marie Presley is the only biological child they share together.

Priscilla held a 22-year romantic connection with Marco Garibaldi, an American entrepreneur, until 2006. They share a son together, 30-year-old Navarone Garibaldi.

[Featured Image by Matthew Simmons/Getty Images]