'Teen Mom' Drama: Farrah Abraham's Mother Slams Kailyn Lowry For Her Parenting

Teen Mom OG grandma Debra Danielson is calling out Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry online. Debra, who is the mother of Farrah Abraham, recently had some interesting comments about Kail's life, which she felt the need to share on Twitter.

According to In Touch Weekly, Debra Danielson revealed via social media that she "can't keep up" with Kailyn Lowry's life and drama. Debra, whose daughter, Farrah Abraham, is often the center of Teen Mom controversy, decided to stir up a little drama of her own when she claimed that she was "confused" about how Lowry could find time to parent her children with everything she has going on, including "baby daddies" and "girlfriends."

Of course, Kailyn Lowry wasn't about to let a dig at her parenting skills just roll off of her shoulders. The Teen Mom 2 star, who is the mother of three boys -- Isaac Rivera, Lincoln Marroquin, and Lux Lowry, all of whom have different fathers -- replied back to Farrah Abraham's mom, stating that Deb should never question her about her children.

Teen Mom fans immediately got in on the drama. One fan pointed out that Debra Danielson has two baby daddies herself, while another claimed that Deb had raised "the most rude, disrespectful daughter" in Farrah Abraham and that she should definitely not be "judging anybody else's parenting skills."

Meanwhile, other Teen Mom fans accused Debra Danielson and Farrah Abraham of trying to stay relevant after Farrah claimed to be fired from MTV for her affiliation with the adult entertainment industry. Days later Farrah claimed that she was no longer fired, but Debra has stated that it doesn't seem likely her daughter will be returning to Teen Mom OG for future seasons. Danielson, who recently married boyfriend Dr. David Merz, also stated that she hopes she and Farrah can both return to television, as the Inquisitr previously reported, adding that she had her wedding filmed and would be happy to sell the footage to any network that would like to pick it up and air it.
It looks like there is a brand new Teen Mom OG/Teen Mom 2 feud brewing between Farrah Abraham's mom, Debra Danielson, and Kailyn Lowry, and fans will be keeping an eye out to see if it continues to escalate.

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