When Is The ‘Project Runway’ Season 16 Reunion Show? Details Here

While fans of Project Runway 2017 have been celebrating the victory for Kentaro Kameyama last week, there are other questions fans have been wondering. At the end of the finale, Lifetime aired a sneak-peek look at the Project Runway Season 16 reunion special. The drama is about to come, but they did not say when it would air. So, when is the Project Runway Season 16 reunion show? Get the details below in our Project Runway 2017 spoilers.

During the finale, it came down to four designers: Kentaro, Brandon, Ayana, and Margarita. Heading into New York Fashion Week, many fans and websites, including Gold Derby, were predicting Brandon Kee to be the winner. He was a front-runner all season long but came up short in the end, and the judges gave the win to Kentaro. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Kentaro talked about his final collection and how the judges and Tim Gunn inspired him.

“I didn’t want to give myself weird, unnecessary pressure. I was really not listening to the judges or Tim Gunn. Tim Gunn didn’t really like what I was doing, so I kind of had to be true to myself at that point.”

One of the biggest scandals of the season was when Claire Buitendorp was sent home for cheating. On the show, she admitted to using a measuring tape while in the apartments. That was a clear violation of the rules, so Tim Gunn sent her home. While on the show, Kentaro never addressed the topic, but he did give his take on things with Entertainment Weekly.

“Oh, well. I don’t know. It’s kind of, it was very weird. Because I know that people take tools to the hotel, not intentionally because we work late and are really tired. But I have seen other designers having a tape measure around their neck and then we go to the hotel.”

Of course, that will be a hot-button issue during the reunion show. Claire and her twin sister, Shawn Buitendorp, will both be in attendance at the reunion show. From the preview shown, it looks like all of the other designers will be questioning them on this scandal.


As far as that reunion show goes, fans of the show will have to wait a little while before it airs. Since the show airs on Thursdays and this week is Thanksgiving, there’s no Project Runway this week. Instead, Entertainment Weekly stated that the Season 16 reunion special will air one week later on November 30 at 9/8c. All of the designers from this season, including winner Kentaro, will get the chance to sit down with Tim Gunn and discuss the season and the twins.

Again, the Project Runway Season 16 reunion special airs on November 30 at 9/8c on Lifetime.

[Featured Image by A&E Networks]