Motley Crue’s Tommy Lee Lashes Out At The AMAs With Homophobic Tweet—But Was It Really Him?

Tommy Lee fans are wondering what is up with him after he seemingly posted a series of bizarre tweets on his Twitter page. In a social media rant, the Motley Crue drummer—or whoever is in control of his verified Twitter account—lashed out at Dancing with the Stars, the American Music Awards, and the “PC” police who are out to get him.

Tommy Lee started out his tirade by making fun of Dancing with the Stars. Lee described the ABC celebrity ballroom competition as “more like dancing with the F-list.” He then slammed the celebrities on the show, which currently features Malcolm in the Middle star Frankie Muniz and Property Brothers star Drew Scott, by writing, “when you have absolutely nothing left to offer so you decide to samba.”

Tommy Lee’s Dancing with the Stars diss can be seen as a clear dig against his ex-wife Pamela Anderson, who competed on the show in 2010. In 2011, the Motley Crue founding member revealed that he was also asked to compete on Dancing with the Stars and that he quickly turned it down. At the time, Lee tweeted, “Ok! ready for the funniest s**t ever! Dancing with the Stars just offered me a spot on the show! I’ve never hit the PASS button so quick!”

Tommy Lee with Pamela Anderson
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But Lee’s Twitter rampage didn’t end with the long-running ABC reality competition. The rocker went on to criticize the guest list for the 2017 American Music Awards by writing, “I love how all these people who don’t have s**t to do with music are invited to the AMAs. Oh, you once played a Selena Gomez cd in ur car? Here’s a ticket! RAD!”

Tommy Lee then posted a questionable new name for the American Music Awards, which is usually called the AMAs.

“AMAS you mean GAYmas,” Lee wrote.

When some Twitter followers questioned his homophobic description for the show, Lee explained that he means the show is “weak” and he denounced claims that his post was “homophobic talk” with an angry retort aimed at “sensitive b*tch a**es.”

“Not cool?” Lee wrote. “OH MAN. Here come the PC cops to take me away. We all know calling sh*t gay doesn’t have sh*t to do with actual gay ppl, it’s just an expression of speech so calm ur b*tch a** down.”

You can see some of Tommy Lee’s tweets below.

Some fans questioned if it was really Tommy Lee behind the Twitter rant. A few followers asked Tommy why he has been so upset and angry lately, while another told the rocker it was time for him to go to bed.

There is no confirmation that it was Tommy Lee who actually posted the tweets or if he has an employee in charge of maintaining his Twitter account. Last week, Lee called out someone for trying to hack his Apple ID.

Tommy Lee has appeared on the American Music Awards many times in the past. In 1996, he presented the Favorite Heavy Metal Hard Rock AMA (alongside his then-wife Pamela) to Pearl Jam, who were no-shows. During the presentation, which you can see below, Lee joked that he would take the award home for himself.

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