’90 Day Fiance’ Season 5 Recap: Molly Goes Wedding Dress Shopping, Azan Takes Nicole To The Gym

Our 90 Day Fiance couples are getting close to their K1 visa deadline, and many of them are now in full wedding mode. Wedding preps can be super stressful, bringing out the worst in some of this season’s cast members. Read on for our full recap below!

Molly & Luis

Luis is still trying to win the approval of Molly’s two daughters, which is proving to be more difficult than he expected. Because he’s only 26-years-old, Luis doesn’t seem to know how to act fatherly towards his future stepdaughters.

Meanwhile, while getting their nails done, Molly has a heart-to-heart talk with her teenaged daughter Olivia. The two talk about how Luis is affecting their lives. Olivia bursts into tears as she tells Molly that she feels like Luis, who she still considers as a stranger from a foreign country, is breaking up their family. Molly asks her daughter to let her get this shot at happiness.

“This is not a negative thing. This is love,” Molly tells Olivia.

“I would hope that you would wanna see me happy.”

Later, Molly goes wedding dress shopping with her mom and Olivia. She is thrilled about being a bride at her age, and she excitedly tries on big, crazy gowns. Her fashion taste doesn’t impress her daughter, but Molly insists on being a “wild” bride.

Josh & Aika

After seeing pictures of Josh’s ex-wife on social media, Aika is shocked to discover that the engagement ring she’s wearing is the same one that Josh gave his former wife. Josh tries to appease his Filipina fiance by taking her to a jewelry store to buy a new ring.

Aika has her eyes on the rings with the biggest diamonds. Unfortunately for her, Josh couldn’t afford her choices.

Evelyn & David

These two are moving forward with their wedding preparations. They are now house hunting, with a budget of $900 a month. Evelyn finds an apartment that she’s totally in love with, but David snaps her back into reality by reminding her that the property is out of their price range.

David also tells Evelyn that he doesn’t plan on staying in Claremont for long. This saddens Evelyn because she clearly wants to stay close to her family even after getting married.

Elizabeth & Andrei

Andrei’s K1 visa is approved, and he heads to the United States to meet Elizabeth’s family. However, Elizabeth’s dad isn’t impressed with Andrei. His main concern is how Andrei will be able to provide for his daughter.

Over drinks, Andrei tells his future father-in-law that he plans to work as a truck driver until he gets his green card. Elizabeth’s dad reminds the couple that it is very expensive to live in America, and he doesn’t think being a truck driver would be enough. However, Andrei remains optimistic.

“We just need to pay the rent, eat some food. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be alright.”

David & Annie

After their traditional Thai engagement, David and Annie are finally heading to America. Annie’s parents send their daughter off, thinking that she has a bright future ahead of her in the U.S. What they don’t know is that David doesn’t have his own house and that he and Annie will be crashing with David’s friends indefinitely.

Upon landing, Annie is overwhelmed and gets her first dose of culture shock. David’s friends give Annie a welcome party, but Annie feels like she’s being put on the spot.

“Many, many questions!” the 24-year-old Thai comments.

“Question here, question there…I want to get away from there.”

Annie is also shocked to learn that David wants to have kids with her right away, despite the fact that he already has three grown children of his own.

Nicole & Azan

In Morocco, Azan finally manages to convince Nicole to go to the gym. He puts her under a full workout program, half expecting that she will not finish it. Nicole surprised him by finishing the session, and he heartily applauds her.

Later, Azan takes Nicole and her 2-year-old daughter May on a hiking trip. He thinks Nicole’s lifestyle in America is “lazy.”

In a shocking confessional interview, Azan admits that he’s only 55 percent attracted to Nicole. He wants her to be more active, and he really wants her to lose weight. But Nicole thinks that she shouldn’t change for any man and that Azan should love her for who she is.

90 Day Fiance Season 5 airs every Sunday, 9 p.m. on TLC.

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