14-Year-Old Pakistani Teen Rapes And Kills Neighbor’s Pet Chicken

Three months after a group of 15 boys from Morocco contracted rabies after raping a donkey, a 14-year-old boy from Jalalpur Bhattian, Pakistan, in an unrelated case, has been arrested for raping and killing his neighbor’s pet chicken. The bizarre case made headlines earlier this week, and the details are hard to read about so proceed with caution

According to the Mirror, the unnamed teen stole the chicken from his neighbor’s shop and proceeded to perform the “unnatural” sex act on it. The teen’s grotesque act was witnessed by two people, who alerted the cops, according to the Sun. Unfortunately for the hen, it was far too late. It did not make it. On top of being violated, the hen died from the injuries it sustained while the boy raped it.

“The hen died while being sexually assaulted,” said a policeman.

After authorities were alerted to the boy’s crime, a medical examination was performed on the chicken, which confirmed that the boy had raped it. The boy was then arrested. While speaking with the cops, the teen claimed sexual frustration as the reason that he decided to commit the disgusting act. The report does not state what punishment that the boy will face, or if he, too, contracted any kind of disease from engaging with the animal.

This is the second story of its kind that has gone viral in recent months. As stated above, the Inquisitr previously reported on a group of Moroccan teens who contracted rabies after raping a donkey in their village. The group took turns “admiring” the animal, who they didn’t know was infected with rabies. After the parents found out, most of the boys were treated in the village. Some, however, in an event to escape being ostracized by their community, decided to seek help outside of their village. The original report did not state whether or not the boys would face any legal consequences, though some people might suggest that contracting rabies — an oftentimes fatal disease — was punishment enough.

Watch for updates on the fate of the teen from Pakistan, as new developments become available.

[Featured Image By Kim Eggleton/Shuttershock]