Was Selena Gomez Lip Syncing At The 2017 American Music Awards? AMA Performance Of ‘Wolves’ Has Fans Buzzing

Was Selena Gomez lip syncing during her performance at the 2017 American Music Awards?

That seems to be the internet’s top question after the star’s first live performance in more than a year, performing her song “Wolves” at the AMAs. The song sparked a sharp debate over the authenticity of the singing, with fans quickly falling into the “fake” and “real” camps.

As The Hollywood Reporter noted, the night was something of a triumphant return for Gomez, who had been away from the stage for more than a year after her kidney transplant and some time away for treatment aimed at bettering her mental health.

Gomez appeared along with DJ/producer Marshmello, the report noted, and started the performance on a car in what appeared to be a fog-filled forest. The performance included dancers appearing from trees and carrying Gomez, and it earned some good initial reviews.

The Hollywood Reporter called the performance “haunting,” and E! News called it an “emotional” performance after her time away from the stage and recent breakup.

“The singer, who recently split with her boyfriend of 10 months The Weeknd, wowed the crowd with her new tune at the award show, hosted by Tracee Ellis Ross,” the report noted. “Marshmello joined the pop star for the performance, which featured a newly platinum blond Selena performing around the scene of a car accident with a group of all-female dancers.”

The official AMA page shared some video of Selena Gomez’s performance, which quickly went viral.

But many fans seemed to think that Selena Gomez was lip syncing her AMA performance. Gomez’s name shot to the top of Twitter’s trends after the performance ended, and many delivered a verdict that she looked uninterested and was quite obviously not singing live.

Others thought that Selena Gomez was actually singing, but that it may not have appeared that way because of the song’s over-production.

Whether her AMA performance was lip synced or not, Selena Gomez certainly made an impression. In less than an hour after the performance ended, the video had already been shared thousands of times and her name remained at the top of the trending list on Twitter and across social media.

Those who want to see for themselves if Selena Gomez was lip syncing at her AMA performance can check more video from the performance by clicking here.

[Featured Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]