'The Voice' Of Germany 2017: Judges Fail To Recognize British Pop Star Rita Ora, Prank Goes Wrong

It seems like Rita Ora is not that famous in Deutschland. During one of the Blind Auditions of The Voice of Germany, the judges failed to recognize the 26-year-old British pop star. As a result, a prank that was supposed to be hilarious ended up being embarrassing.

In 2014, Rita Ora reached the top spot in the U.K. with her single "I Will Never Let You Down." It seemed obvious that the judges would recognize the star once they saw her. After all, Ora judged the U.K. version of the talent hunt show a couple of years back.

Rita Ora came to the show to surprise the judges with her performance. She appeared as a commoner and performed "Your Song." The song was released in May this year. The solo single came almost two years after Ora had released her previous one.

Rita's performance impressed all four judges on The Voice Germany 2017. According to News.com.au, Rita gave a "note-perfect rendition" of the song.

Everything went planned until the judges turned their chairs around. The pop star tried helping them by introducing herself as a "26-year-old aspiring musician from London." But, the judges did not recognize the singer at all.

One of them said that the song sounded almost like the original. Things started getting a bit embarrassing for Rita Ora. When she was asked her name, she said it was Rita Ora. The judges thought she was joking with them. One of the judges asked if she was a body double of the famous singer. Rita had to clarify further.

"No, I'm not a double. It's really me!"
Things became worse when the judges laughed at her claim. Rita further clarified that her plan was to crash the Blind Auditions. The judges' reaction was not quite comforting to the singer.

Rita Ora's prank on 'The Voice' Of Germany 2017 went wrong as the judges failed to recognize her. [Image by Alexander Koerner/Getty Images for AIGNER]

One of the coaches talked about what they felt about her. They thought she could end up being the runner-up in a sound-alike contest for Rita Ora. They also thought that she could end up being the second runner-up in a lookalike contest for Rita Ora.

In addition to being a pop diva, Rita Ora is also an actress who has been a part of the Fifty Shades franchise. She plays Mia Grey in the movie series.

At the end of it all, Rita Ora said she would love to be a guest judge on The Voice of Germany 2017.

[Featured Image by Alex Livesey/Getty Images]