November 20, 2017
Kate Middleton Pregnancy: What Push Present Will Prince William Give The Duchess This Time?

Kate Middleton and Prince William are expecting their third royal baby in 2018. The couple has been happily married for six years now and already have two beautiful children together -- Prince George and Princess Charlotte. The Duke of Cambridge showed his love and appreciation for the Duchess with a push present after the birth of each of their children. Royal fans can only wonder what the prince will present his wife with after having his third child.

Besides the prestige and titles the Duchess of Cambridge inherited from her royal husband, Kate Middleton was also gifted with a couple of priceless royal family jewels. Her collection started with Princess Diana's iconic 12-carat sapphire engagement rings encircled by 14 diamonds. Six years later, Prince William's wife amassed a few key pieces of jewelry and now has a small collection of her own.

Each piece of jewelry in Kate Middleton's collection is unique and special, but Prince William's push presents are probably among the duchess's favorites. According to Harpers Bazaar, the Duchess of Cambridge received beautiful pieces to add to her collection of royal jewels after the birth of each of her children.

According to E! News, Kate Middleton and Prince William's third child is due in April of 2018. The Duke of Cambridge is undoubtedly thinking of the perfect push present to gift his wife.

This time around, the prince may choose a more traditional route and give Kate jewels from his mother's collection. Prince William has already gifted his mother's prized sapphire earrings to the duchess. According to the Telegraph, the sapphire earrings are part of a set of sapphire jewelry Princess Diana received from the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia.

The set includes a necklace and bracelet that were all made to match the Princess of Wales' sapphire engagement ring. Prince William may choose to complete Kate Middleton's sapphire collection and give her the sapphire necklace and bracelet after the birth of their third child.

However, the Duke of Cambridge may opt to keep on the path he has been treading and give his wife something new to add to her jewelry collection. Either way, Prince William will find a way to show his wife how much he appreciates her and their new baby.

Shortly after the birth of her son, Prince George, Kate Middleton was seen wearing an extra band on her wedding finger. It was a diamond eternity band that is speculated to be Prince William's first push present to his wife. However, the prince did not stop there. Prince William decided to give the duchess a more personal gift: a flower brooch with a pink diamond in the middle, reported Hello Magazine. The Duke of Cambridge went to the Queen's jewelers to have the brooch made.

The prince gifted his wife with a push present after the birth of their daughter, Princess Charlotte, once again. To commemorate the birth of their second child, Prince William gave Kate Middleton a pair of amethyst and tourmaline earrings from Kiki McDonough.

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