Ivanka Trump’s Athletic Figure In Leggings On Display While Heading To Gym Amid Thanksgiving Clam Debacle

Ivanka Trump isn’t letting the Thanksgiving clam debacle wreck her parade. The first daughter was spied leaving her Washington mansion over the weekend wearing sleek workout clothes that put her long and trimmed legs on display. Ivanka, donning leggings, was on her way to the White House gym for a fitness routine, according to a Daily Mail report.

Ivanka appears in several pictures on Sunday that shows her exiting the lavish residence she shares with her husband, Jared Kushner. She then boards a vehicle as a Secret Service security detail waits just outside the door. The 36-year-old mother of three is seen wearing gear from her Ivanka Trump “Athleisure” brand.

The black zipper hoodie had grey suede trim on the chest and features three-quarter-length sleeves. The exercise top paired with mesh leggings that had sheer cutouts along the length of her legs. The definition in Ivanka’s legs is clearly seen through her Spandex leggings.

Ivanka Trump went without makeup for her gym venture. Donald Trump’s eldest daughter hid her eyes behind a pair of sunglasses and styled her hair in a ponytail.

Ivanka’s clothing line includes leggings that are versatile for consumers: The light and flexible bottoms can be used for high-performance workouts or for leisure everyday wears. Ivanka often uses her model frame to market her clothing.

Admirers of her fashion sense try to emulate her signature style. In the past, some articles of clothing have sold out in a short span when Ivanka was seen in pictures or videos wearing the new gear in public.

Here she is in June returning from a workout session at the gym. Later, she slipped into some casual attire from her fashion line.

Ivanka Trump has been the subject of online mockery over her brand’s recent Thanksgiving post that offered holiday decorating tips. Reportedly, Ivanka’s special assistant posted a tweet on Ivanka Trump HQ.

It featured the half shell of a large clam that was layered with random items to complement the Thanksgiving holiday. Allison Domonoske is the inspiration behind the “tablescape.” Ivanka Trump’s HQ account linked to an article that described the artist’s novel creation.

“I wanted a centerpiece that could stay on the kitchen island and last without going out of style. I’ve kept this huge antique shell for about three years and they’re everywhere right now in home décor. When it’s time for Christmas or Hanukkah, you can switch out the pumpkins for another accent. Last year, I filled the entire clamshell with tiny pink and turquoise ornaments.”

Domonoske encourages Ivanka Trump’s readers to “be different” when experimenting with their own ideas for Thanksgiving.

“I found my pumpkins in Nashville and thought they were unique-looking. One of them is a dark grey color. I also bought balloon-plant milkweed: large, green, ball-like flowers. They last a couple of weeks and dry with a little pod in them.”

The idea was well intended and meant to help usher in the festive season, but Twitter users had other ideas when they used the moment to pile on Ivanka and her father, President Donald Trump.

As Inquisitr reportedly previously, some poked fun at the clam post by creating “unflattering” interpretations of turkeys and clam settings. At least one meme of the president included his trademark hairstyle.

Ivanka Trump’s jacket retails for $47.40. It’s unclear what the price tag for the leggings is.

[Featured Image by Alex Wong/Getty Images]