Trump On Twitter: Calls Elephant Trophy Hunting ‘Horror Show,’ Says Jeff Is ‘Flakey’ And LaVar Ball Ungrateful

President Donald J. Trump‏ had a lot of controversial things to say on Twitter prior to his planned six-day vacation to Mar-a-Lago for the Thanksgiving holiday, as reported by the Inquisitr. Earlier in the day on Sunday, November 19, Trump tweeted that LaVar Ball’s son, LiAngelo, should have been left in jail in China along with two other UCLA basketball players. Trump also accused LaVar of downplaying the significance of shoplifting. However, Trump received backlash from some Twitter users that accused him of hypocrisy in light of Trump’s alleged forthcoming potential impeachment.

As seen in the below tweets, Trump returned to Twitter on Sunday evening to write about everything from the forthcoming big-game trophy decision to Senator Jeff Flake’s words caught on a hot microphone recently. President Trump claimed that his decision on whether or not to allow the body parts of elephants and lions to be brought into the U.S. will be coming next week, but Trump said he “will be very hard pressed to change” his mind about allowing the trophy hunting parts into the country.

Trump called it a “horror show” that he doesn’t believe will help the conservation of elephants or any animals – an odd terminology that Trump’s opponents quickly used to once again display photos of Trump’s oldest sons holding their animal trophies after hunting trips.

Trump hugs his son.
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Trump claimed that stealing “is a very big deal in China,” one that comes with a sentence of anywhere from five to 10 years in jail. Trump went on to write that he should have left LaVar’s son out of jail on his next trip to China instead of his most recent trip.

Trump added that “China told them why they were released,” without specifying to the public what he meant before adding two words at the end of that tweet, along with his beloved exclamation point: “Very ungrateful!”

Then Trump turned his ire to Senator Jeff Flake, whom Trump called “Flakey” and wrote was “unelectable in the Great State of Arizona,” all because of the words Flake said about “your favorite President,” as seen in the above video.

Trump said Flake’s political career is “toast,” as reported by the New York Post.

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