The Undertaker Celebrates Huge WWE Anniversary On Day Of ‘Survivor Series’

The WWE holds their annual Survivor Series event tonight in Houston, Texas, the home of The Undertaker. For long-time fans of professional wrestling, it was the Survivor Series that saw The Undertaker make his huge mark in the world of the WWE when he joined the team of “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase. However, on this specific date – Nov. 19 – WWF Old School reported that The Undertaker also made his WWE debut on an episode of WWE Superstars in 1990 – the Dead Man’s first ever WWE appearance.

The Undertaker’s WWE Debut

The first appearance for The Undertaker came on an episode of WWE Superstars on Nov. 19, 1990. He wrestled under the name of Kane the Undertaker, which was his original moniker when he arrived in the WWE. However, the WWE chose to eliminate Kane from his name and later introduced a new wrestler known as Kane as The Undertaker’s brother.

Many considered The Undertaker made his official WWE debut on Nov. 22, 1990, which was the date of the Survivor Series event but that was not his official first match with the WWE.

The reason for the confusion with fans is that the match from WWE Superstars aired on Dec. 15, 1990 – but the show pre-taped episodes and the match officially took place on Nov. 19, 1990, making today The Undertaker’s official anniversary with the company.

The WWE Future For The Undertaker

The fact that The Undertaker lives in Houston, Texas, makes tonight’s Survivor Series event very interesting. Could the WWE choose to bring in The Undertaker to get involved in the Monday Night Raw vs. SmackDown Live match?

The Undertaker is advertised to return to the WWE for at least one night in January when Monday Night Raw celebrates its 25th anniversary. The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels are two of the only wrestlers to appear on the first ever Raw show that still remains associated with the WWE.

There have also been a ton of WWE rumors that The Undertaker will return and possibly wrestle at WrestleMania next year, despite his loss to Roman Reigns unofficially considered his retirement match.

The Undertaker left his hat, gloves, and coat in the ring after the match. The thought for many fans was this was The Undertaker officially announcing his retirement from the WWE and he remains one of the frontrunners for the 2018 WWE Hall of Fame.

[Featured Image by WWE]