Gaia Pope, 19, Was Not Killed: Death ‘Unexplained’ As Body Had No Injuries – Suicide, Epilepsy Talk Begins

After 19-year-old Gaia Pope went missing in Swanage, England, the attention of the world turned to the Dorset area. Gaia was last spotted as she purchased ice cream at a gas station. In the wake of her death, a 49-year-old man named Paul was arrested on suspicion of murder. Arrested were the ex-wife, grandson and son (Paul) of 69-year-old Greg Elsey – but the trio was released. However, according to the Daily Mail, Gaia “wasn’t murdered.” Authorities have reported that Gaia’s body did not have injuries that pointed to any type of clues that could explain her death, nor did her remains indicate that another person was involved in Pope’s death.

The actual cause of Pope’s death won’t be learned until toxicology reports are completed and released to the public. The news released thus far has also led people to wonder aloud on Twitter whether or not Gaia’s death was due to suicide or some other factor. Whereas members of the public were initially asked to help in the search for Gaia, the public is now being warned to stay away from the area where Pope’s body was found, since the hazardous area contains plenty of steep and slippery slopes next to sea cliffs.

Those urged to remember the life of Gaia are posting photos of candles in their windowsills on social media. Pope’s state of being was described as distressed when she was last seen alive at the house of her childhood friend Nathan Elsey. Maya Pope-Sutherland, Gaia’s twin sister, called her sister her “everything” in speaking about her heartbreak over news of the death.

A pile of clothing was found nearby Gaia’s body, about one mile from her home. Hundreds of folks had gotten together to search Swanage for Gaia, a teen who suffered with severe epilepsy. Talk of Gaia’s epileptic condition is also a common theme on Twitter.

Clara, Gaia’s younger sister, called her “passionate, creative, and emotionally wise,” as the 11-day search for her sister came to a sad end. Gaia’s family thanked everyone for their help in trying to find Pope prior to her body being discovered.

[Featured Image by Matt Cardy/Getty Images]