The Spin Fails Here: Day One At #Media140 Sydney

At the last minute I made the decision to fly up to Sydney to attend Australia’s first Media140 conference. I mostly needed a break away from home, which makes the “blogger” pass I got into the conference sort of reasonable. The last three events in the United States I attended reporting I was given a standard media/ journalist pass…but hey, I already knew that Australia was 5 years behind, and any pass in this god forsaken backwater is a good thing….whoops, I didn’t really mean to say that…well, much. Censored Government funded fast Facebook (NBN)…say no more.

Sadly that in the country of my birth that in 2009 I can’t get recognized as a media representative was the least of my problems for the day, because despite the good reputation of the Media140 conferences in the United States, what I heard today was Jurassic Park, but with far worse CGI.

There were 3 speakers today from “Crikey,” a paid email list that did lots of good things in 1999 until it was taken over by a compliment of Luddites. Crikey’s first representative set the tone for the day when she said that the only person who is making money in a new media model in Australia is Darren Rowse…but with the proviso that what he does really isn’t journalism. At that point, I started asking for donations because obviously I must have zero money.,,,and so maybe do the roughly 100-200 ppl in Australia who make more money than I do online.

Facts? well the “journalists” were so thin on them I may have only puked in my mouth