Derick Dillard Breaks Silence To Thank Supporters After Being Fired From ‘Counting On’

Derick Dillard got himself into a world of trouble after attacking Jazz Jennings on social media. Not only did the former Counting On star attack the transgender teen, but also her parents and the network. TLC made it very clear they didn’t think too highly of Dillard’s remarks, and released a statement that they had severed ties with him. Filming will continue with the Duggar family, but Derick Dillard will no longer have a role on screen. He has essentially become the next Josh Duggar, banned from being on the TLC network at all.

Since the statement was released, Derick Dillard has been quiet about TLC’s decision. He did relaunch his GoFundMe campaign, sparking outrage among critics. Being missionaries is what the Dillards want, and Jill Duggar is standing behind her husband. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Derick Dillard broke his silence on the TLC matter Friday night. He sent out a tweet thanking his supporters who have stood by him in recent days. Dillard chose to use the word “us,” though Jill Duggar isn’t tied directly to the scandal.

There has been some speculation that TLC would cut ties with Derick Dillard for some time now. His comments about Jazz Jennings were over the top at the very least. The transgender teen has her own show on the network and has not lashed out at Dillard for his unkind remarks. Derick has used the Bible to comment on sin and has quoted several verses for his followers to read. Despite the consequences for speaking his mind, there has been no apology to Jennings. In fact, it looks like Dillard has plenty of supporters who feel the same way he does.

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Critics have been taking the family to town for this. Many have called for Counting On to be canceled because this is the second scandal the family has incurred while preaching in the name of their religion. TLC hasn’t given up on the Duggar family completely yet. Derick Dillard may have been fired from the show, but they are going to refocus on the two newlywed sisters now. Jill and Jessa Duggar were once the highlights of the show, but now things have changed. Dillard freed up space for the filming crew to get more time in with Jinger and Joy-Anna Duggar.

It looks like Derick Dillard may move on with his life and ministries. The controversy hasn’t affected him like many thought it would. Jim Bob Duggar has not commented about his son-in-law’s comments, which isn’t shocking because he is said to feel the same way. Dillard will remain in the spotlight one way or another as the Duggar fans are continuing to support him on social media, and through his fundraiser.

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