Prince George Will Make An Appearance On His Favorite Show ‘Fireman Sam’

It’s good to be the future King Of England, as Prince George is finding out. It has just been revealed that Prince George will make an appearance on his favorite show, Fireman Sam. Fireman Sam has been a popular children’s series in the United Kingdom for thirty years. Within the U.K., Fireman Sam can be seen in English, Gaelic, and Welsh.

The creators of Fireman Sam heard that Prince George was a big fan, and they’ve asked him on the show to celebrate Fireman Sam’s 30th anniversary in the fictional town of Pontypandy. It’s unclear whether Prince George will just lend his voice to the animated series or whether he will appear in person.

Many children in the U.K. would love to take part in Fireman Sam, but this is a perk of being a royal. Even though Princess Charlotte will likely never rule England, she too has had the opportunity to get some special treatment (though it’s unclear if she’s even aware that designer Marc Jacobs named a lipstick after her when she was still an infant). The lipstick, which is sold exclusively at Harrods is in Princess Charlotte’s favorite color, pale pink.

Fireman Sam fights fires, rescues people and lives in the fictional Welsh town, Pontypandy, according to Town & Country Magazine. Show producer Ian McCue says they have something special in mind for the 30th anniversary and the Prince George appearance.

“We’re going to celebrate Fireman Sam’s 30th anniversary by introducing a very special episode. We heard that we have a very famous fan in Prince George, so we thought it would be really fun to bring a [member of the] royal family to Pontypandy and see how the community reacts to that.”

The special episode of Fireman Sam is called “The Prince in Pontypandy.”

“[The episode with Prince George] will see a four-year-old royal visit the fictional South Wales town as part of a state visit. But, when calamity strikes, he’ll [Prince George will] be forced to save the day with a helicopter.”

Word got out last year the Fireman Sam was Prince George’s favorite show when his mother, Kate Middleton bought a Fireman Sam book for Prince George in a charity shop in Norfolk, telling the shopkeeper that Fireman Sam was a favorite in the royal household, Irish News reported.

Fireman Sam was created by ex-firemen Dave Gingell and Dave Jones, and the show’s first ever episode aired on BBC Wales on November 17, 1987. Over 30 years, Fireman Sam has put out 91 fires and rescued 155 people from 246 incidents.

The Fireman Sam episode with Prince George will air around the world in 2018. “The Prince In Pontypandy” will air in the UK on Cartoonito and Channel 5’s Milkshake and released next year around the world as part of Fireman Sam Series 11.

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