‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Hookup With Bill Exposed? Steffy Is Terrified As Quinn Seems To Know


The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for Nov. 20-24 reveal that the Thanksgiving dinner was quite uncomfortable for some members of the family. Although the occasion should be a delightful event, Steffy was having a hard time throughout the feast as Quinn seems to know something about her.

Quinn Caught Steffy?

Previously, Steffy had a very intimate moment with Bill and she is trying her best to keep the whole thing a secret. However, Quinn made things difficult for her when the Forrester matriarch made her sit beside Bill at the dinner table. It will be a very awkward moment for Steffy especially because Liam is also there as well as the whole family.

Steffy will focus on Liam to deflect any suspicion, but her uneasy behavior did not escape Quinn’s keen observation. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that Quinn will have a private chat with Steffy and the former will hint that she knows about her secret. That was a really bad time for Steffy because if Quinn was able to uncover her tryst with Bill, she is ruined. Plus, she will definitely lose Liam and make his relationship with his father go from bad to despicable.

What Does Quinn Know about Steffy?

Steffy will be flustered in the upcoming The Bold and the Beautiful episodes as Quinn might expose her affair with Bill. Then again, like anyone who has been caught off guard, she will pretend she does not know what Quinn was saying. On the other hand, the Forrester matriarch will assert that she really knows something, but will not mention what exactly it is.

In any case, if the secret that Quinn was mentioning is about Bill, then Steffy will surely beg Eric’s wife to stay quiet, but if it is not about the affair, then Steffy has nothing to worry about.

So, what could be the secret that Quinn knows? There is a possibility that she was referring to the fact that Steffy might be having marital problems with Liam. If this is the case, then it is a big relief for Steffy since her real secret is safe after all.

Quinn to Dig Deeper to Separate Steffy and Liam?

But she should not relax as The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers show that Quinn noticed Steffy’s discomfort when she said she knew what’s up with her. She was quick to pick up and sensed that there is a much bigger secret to unravel about Steffy, so she will work on it to find out what it is.

Quinn’s curiosity will make her busy in the B&B. She thinks that she may discover something that will break up Steffy and Liam which is good because she would love it if Steffy ends up with her son, Wyatt, since she hates the fact that he is dating Katie.

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