‘Alaskan Bush People’: Rain Brown Calls Older Sister Snowbird ‘Basically’ Her ‘Wife,’ Shocking, Confusing Fans

Alaskan Bush People star Rain Brown took to social media this weekend to wish older sister Snowbird Brown a happy 23rd birthday and wrote that Snowbird is “basically” her “wife.” There’s an eight-year age difference between Rain Brown and her only sister Snowbird Brown, but the two sisters are obviously close. Rain Brown often posts photos of Snowbird and talks about her “sissy” on social media, but one of Rain’s latest Instagram posts referring to Snowbird as #wifey has left some Alaskan Bush People fans shocked and confused.

Rain Brown, 14, started her Instagram post on Saturday by wishing Snowbird Brown a happy birthday and added that Snowbird is “the woman that’s basically my wife.” Needless to say, Rain’s happy birthday Instagram post has had over 400 comments, so far, from some Alaskan Bush People fans also wishing Snowbird a happy birthday to other fans asking why Rain would compare having an older sister to having a wife. Some comments from Rain Brown’s followers thought that she may have made a typo and meant to type “life” instead of “wife.”

However, Rain Brown ended her post with hashtag #wifey, and some Alaskan Bush People fans want Rain to clarify what she means. One comment tells Rain Brown that Snowbird is “your sister who you love” — not your “wife.” Another comment says that Rain shouldn’t call Snowbird her wife, adding that “you two are sisters.” Many more comments just ask why Rain Brown would call Snowbird Brown her wife instead of comparing her older sister to “more like a mom.” Other comments seem to understand Rain Brown’s “strange analogy” and are left trying to explain “sisterly love.”

“I understand completely,” wrote one of Rain Brown’s Instagram followers, adding that her niece once had a “close female friend that she called her wifey.”

Another follower wrote that Rain Brown meant “nothing bad” by calling sister Snowbird her “wife,” and the analogy simply means a “closeness of hearts.”

Still, another comment wrote that Rain Brown is just expressing that she’s “tight with her sister,” and followers who don’t have a sister “may not understand” the “lifie-wifie” analogy. The same comment went on to explain what “lifie-wifie” meant to her when she had a sister.

“We would hold hands walking down the street. Hug at night. She was my “lifie-wifie”. If you don’t understand. That’s the best way I can describe it.”

While some of Rain Brown’s followers say they’ve never heard of “sisters calling each other wifey,” other followers also say they’ve never heard Rain call Snowbird “E.” The youngest member of the Alaskan Bush People cast, Rain Brown, also referred to sister Snowbird Brown as “E” in Saturday’s Instagram post, further confusing some of her followers who wanted to know why Rain would “call her E.”

Peace... #staystrong #stayhappy #greatendtoagreatday

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Sometimes, Rain Brown will comment back to her Instagram followers and answer questions, but she never did in Saturday’s “happy birthday” to Snowbird post. Rain Brown did later return to Instagram and post a photo of a peace sign with hashtag #greatendtoagreatday. Several comments on Rain’s peace post ask how mom Ami Brown is doing and offer “peace” and “blessing” to the Brown family as they film Season 8 of Alaskan Bush People, while also continuing to deal with Ami’s late-stage lung cancer diagnosis.

One comment speculates that Snowbird Brown is all that Rain Brown “has in the world” amid social media cyberbullying, mom Ami’s ongoing health crisis with an uncertain future, and the Brown family’s long-running Discovery Channel reality TV series, Alaskan Bush People, that’s constantly been plagued with claims of fakery and fraud since the show premiered back in 2014.

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